“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” 

George Bernard Shaw

As we move towards the last two weeks of the school year, we are doing all that we can to minimise the risk of having to shut a bubble. The last thing that any of us (schools and parents) want is for our wonderful children to have to be away from their peers and in isolation at this late stage of the term. We urge parents to be mindful of this with interactions outside school. Please let your children mix in the open air and avoid gatherings inside.

We are now half way through filming Romeo and Juliet, with Y5 & Y6 filming next week. As you know, the children’s writing has been themed around the play and as usual we are going to put the work on display for you to enjoy in the last week of the term.

Next week we will be welcoming our new Reception class children and parents to visit us ahead of starting in September. The rest of the school will also have an opportunity to get to know their teachers for what we hope will be a much more settled next year.

Sadly our usual end of year concerts will not take place this term but we will film your children performing in their class bands and in piano lessons with Ms Natalia and share this with you before the end of term.

HTSS Bake Off

Sports Day

We very much look forward to a whole school sports day that parents are able to join. That said, we will all need to work together to ensure that we are maintaining safe practices, in line with our school risk assessment. We will give out guidance ahead of the day that we need parents to follow.

The day will be held on Wednesday 14th July at Parliament Hill on the grass behind the lido between 10am and 2pm. All children will be taken back to school to be dismissed. Parents will be unable to escort us to the park but we have enough adults with the school staff.

Race to Health

Well done to all the children that have been super active this week! We are still currently 3rd in the Camden league with a total of 29,817 active minutes logged, meaning that as a school we’ve travelled as far as Moscow, Russia and are well on the way to Ottowa, Canada, which is the next stop on our virtual journey to Tokyo! A particular well done to Year 3, who are currently in front as the most active class with Year 5 in second place. However, we are confident that we could do even better! In the last week of this competition let’s get everyone moving more and logging their activity too. The more active you are the greater chance you have of earning a virtual medal!

London Rocks 2021! Times Tables Rock Stars Competition for Years 3 to 6

As part of our commitment to make maths exciting and high profile in our school, we are taking part in a friendly competition involving schools from all over London from Monday 28th June to Friday 2nd July. It’s all done online via play.ttrockstars.com; children in the KS2 classes will be familiar with this website, as they use it frequently to practise their times tables fluency.
For every correct answer in any game mode, your child will earn their class a point. The Times Tables Rock Stars platform will calculate the class average (the number of correct answers per pupil in the class who play during the competition hours). Winning classes in the school and in the competition as a whole will be the ones with the highest average. There will be certificates for some individuals, and if any of our KS2 classes are among the top three in London, they will win Amazon vouchers to spend on class books! KS2 parents have been sent an email with more details. Good luck everyone!

Attendance and Punctuality

The whole school attendance this week stayed at 97.7% in spite of the rise in COVID cases both locally and nationally. Well done to Reception for winning the bear this week and to Y4 for topping the table in KS2.

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Attendance Bears

Reception: 98.6% Y4: 98.6%

Early Birds

Y1 & Y3

Christian Value – Service

For many years some of those living in the certain parts of the Arctic were seen as selfish and greedy so people did not mix. Then in the late nineteenth century some Christians went to live in Alaska and they showed others how to care in the way they lived their lives. They showed that actions speak louder than words and the Christian message soon travelled across the frozen lands, spread by the Arctic people themselves. The Arctic people are known for having good memories and so they learnt much of the Bible by heart which meant that they could share the stories with others and reflect on the words when they were alone hunting or fishing. From this we are reminded: actions speak louder than words.

Be doers, not just hearers of the word

James 1:22

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

Wellbeing Tip of the Week Connecting with Nature

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Now that the weather is improving and restrictions are easing, we can start to find ways to reconnect with nature. It was reported that going for walks was one of our top coping strategies during lockdown, and 45% of people felt that being in green spaces was vital for their mental health. What can we do:

  • Use your senses – Take some time to reflect in natural surroundings using all of your senses. When you’re outside; listen out for birdsong, look for butterflies, smell the grass, or notice the movement of the clouds.
  • Bring nature to you – Sometimes it’s hard to access natural places because of where you live. Bringing new plants in the house is a great way to have something natural to see, touch and smell – pots of herbs from the supermarket are a good start. This can also be a fun learning activity to do with the whole family. If planting isn’t for you, you can read stories or watch TV programmes about nature to try to connect and help you reflect.
  • Combine Nature with Creativity – Try combining creativity with your natural environment e.g. taking part in creative activities outside, like dance, music, or art. You could also increase your sense of connection by taking photos, writing, drawing or painting pictures of the landscape, plants or animals.

Try to notice how you feel after being in nature. If you feel a lift in your mood, maybe this is something you could try doing everyday!

Coach Steve’s Summer Multi Activity Camps

Where: Eleanor Palmer Primary School, Lupton St, NW5 2JA

When: Week 1 –  Monday 26th to Friday 30th July

            Week 2 – Monday 2nd to Friday 6th August

            Week 3 – Monday 9th to Friday 13th August

Time: 9:00-3:00pm 

Age: 5-11 year olds

Cost: Full week = £110 / Concession rate = £70

For more info, please email Coach Steve at – prorevolution.development@gmail.com

Bike It Day

Thank you Sustrans for successful bike it day. 28 students attended a Healthy hearts classroom session, 21 students joined the after school cycle sessions, and Dr Bike serviced 22 bikes (15 from students, 4 from staff and 3 from parents.

Many of you spoke with Jake from Sustrans outside Holy Trinity and St Silas last Tuesday about the trial changes to a number of streets as part Camden Council’s Safe and Healthy Streets programme. One of these trial schemes, Clarence Way and Hartland Road Safe and Healthy Streets, includes the droppable bollard outside your child’s school and is going live for consultation this Thursday 24th June.


Proof cards were sent home in children’s bags last week. If you have lost your password, you can contact l.stenmark@holytrinitynw1.camden.sch.uk. Place your orders with Hayley Lehmann before Thursday 8 July and get free delivery.

BAME Helpline

Barnardos have a helpline for Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic children, young people and parents/carers, that are affected by Covid-19. They are available to hear about any worries, problems and stresses during this time, and can provide emotional support, practical advice and signposting to other organisations who can provide further help. 

Camden Healthy Eating Support Team

Dear Parents/Carers,

Camden Learning are offering FREE virtual healthy eating sessions for families. The sessions cover a range of healthy eating support, including: eating well at home; fun breakfast ideas and hidden sugars; understanding labels and portion sizes; and strategies to raise healthy eaters. ‘Fussy eating’ strategies are discussed in each topic. You are welcome to attend one or all of the sessions. Times and contact details are listed on the flier here.


Easyfundraising – While shopping online during lockdown, don’t forget you can keep raising money for the school via many major retailers. Please click on the link and sign up if you have not already done so.


All music lessons are now face to face at school including:

  • Individual and group lessons
  • Class bands
  • Class recorder

Term dates for 2020 – 2021

First day of autumn term Thursday 3rd September 2020
Half termMonday 26th – Friday 30th October
Last day of autumn term Friday 18th December
First day of spring termMonday 4th January 2021
Half term Monday 15th – Friday 19th February
Last day of spring termThursday 1st April
First day of summer termMonday 19th April
Half termMonday 31st May – Friday 4th June
Last day of summer termFriday 16th July