Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.

Helen Keller

The children will be starting to work with dance and drama specialists next week as part of our whole-school Shakespeare project. It is so exciting to be moving towards reigniting projects and practices that children and families love about Holy Trinity.

We have reviewed your valuable feedback and have outlined your views along with our responses in the attached document. While this is an annual review, please remember, we are always open to your views and suggestions all year round.

Class Blogs

Teachers have updated their class pages with current learning which ranges from science investigations to Romeo and Juliet rehearsals.

Road Closure

It is wonderful to see how the road closure has enabled our school community of children and parents/carers to spread out in the mornings and after school. Unfortunately this must come with an important safety reminder. Hartland Road and Clarence Way are still used by vehicles, with the latter often having cars driving through, some of whom are parents dropping off. I urge you to prioritise the safety of all our children by:

  • monitoring your child and not allowing them to run across the road;
  • ensuring that children are not running up and down the school ramp – this is an entrance to the school that must be kept clear;
  • not parking on the dropped curb – this makes it difficult for children/families to cross safely;
  • not sitting in the car with the engine running – please think of children’s health and protection of the environment.

As you will have seen, we have had an ongoing issue with coaches reversing into Hartland Road at home time. We have contacted a couple of companies to alert them to our concerns and they have ensured us that they will instruct the drivers not to do this. We will however continue to monitor this for the safety of our children.

Helping us to keep everyone safe

Please remember to adhere to the following practices:

  • Maintain social distancing outside school at drop off and pick up;
  • Parents/carers are unable to enter the school building or playgrounds and must drop off at/pick up from the allocated gate;
  • It is recommended that only one parent/carer drops off and picks up;
  • If parents/carers are attending a prearranged meeting in school and 2 metres distance is not possible, masks will need to be worn.

Christian Value – Compassion

If we are trying to hold on to something small, we usually protect it by making a clenched fist. The Bible uses the terms “hard-hearted” and “tight-fisted” to describe someone who is unwilling to share with the poor. Alternatively, a person who is generous is called “open-handed.”

God wants us to find joy in sharing what we have with others, especially with those who have very little. When we show compassion and kindness through giving to the poor, God notices and it pleases Him.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

Matthew 5:7

Girls Football Development Class (with Coach Steve)

Where: Fleet Primary School, Agincourt Rd, NW3 2QT

When: Every Tuesday 

Time: 5:30-6:30pm 

Age: 6-10 year olds (Year 2 to Year 5)

Cost: First class is FREE (£6 per class thereafter)

For more info, please email Coach Steve –

Food Bank Requests

Thank you to those that have delivered donations to school. Please do keep dropping food off as the need is still great. All non-perishables are welcome but there is a particular need for toiletries, loo paper, baby formula, chocolate treats and nappies in all sizes. Many thanks for your support.

BAME Helpline

Barnardos have a helpline for Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic children, young people and parents/carers, that are affected by Covid-19. They are available to hear about any worries, problems and stresses during this time, and can provide emotional support, practical advice and signposting to other organisations who can provide further help. 

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Wellbeing Tip of the Week – Growth mindset vs. Fixed mindset

Psychologist Carol Dweck identified two types of mindset: growth mindset and fixed mindset. Growth mindset is the belief that we can ‘grow’ our abilities through hard work, a willingness to learn and being open to feedback. Fixed mindset is the belief that we can’t change or improve. Research has shown that a growth mindset allows people to navigate stress more effectively and can lead to higher levels of wellbeing. To achieve growth mindset, we need to:
– Accept our imperfections;
– See challenges as opportunities for self-improvement;
– Replace the word ‘failing’ with the word ‘learning’ – when we make a mistake, we haven’t failed, we’ve learned;
– Value the effort we have put in, over the end result.
Practise one of these ideas each week to help you achieve a growth mindset.

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas Edison

Camden Healthy Eating Support Team

Dear Parents/Carers,

Camden Learning are offering FREE virtual healthy eating sessions for families. The sessions cover a range of healthy eating support, including: eating well at home; fun breakfast ideas and hidden sugars; understanding labels and portion sizes; and strategies to raise healthy eaters. ‘Fussy eating’ strategies are discussed in each topic. You are welcome to attend one or all of the sessions. Times and contact details are listed on the flier here.


Easyfundraising – While shopping online during lockdown, don’t forget you can keep raising money for the school via many major retailers. Please click on the link and sign up if you have not already done so.


All music lessons are now ace to face at school including:

  • Individual and group lessons
  • Class bands
  • Class recorder

Term dates for 2020 – 2021

First day of autumn term Thursday 3rd September 2020
Half termMonday 26th – Friday 30th October
Last day of autumn term Friday 18th December
First day of spring termMonday 4th January 2021
Half term Monday 15th – Friday 19th February
Last day of spring termThursday 1st April
First day of summer termMonday 19th April
Half termMonday 31st May – Friday 4th June
Last day of summer termFriday 16th July