“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches on the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops – at all.” Emily Dickinson

I want to begin by thanking our families, on behalf of all the staff, for your generosity in gifts and words at Christmas – we very much value your appreciation.

The new year has not started as any of us wanted, but when we reflect on the time that has passed, we will come to a brighter place in a relatively shorter amount of time. Taking each day as it comes feels much less daunting than thinking about this as a period of weeks or months. Already this week it feels as though families have achieved a great deal, getting back into the swing of home learning – a huge well done to you!

Home learning is not optional and all children must be fully engaged. All families should now have the devices that they need for children to join class meetings/lessons. Children must attend their Zoom meetings; if there is any exceptional circumstance for them not to be able to join a meeting, parents/carers must contact the school office before the meeting begins. If your child needs any encouragement or a reminder about expectations from myself or Mr McIntyre, we are available to support you.

As it is now clear that home learning will continue until half term, we are in the process of creating another pack for you to collect. This will be available on Friday 15th January.

Home Learning Expectations and Protocols:

  • Lessons begin at 9am and every child at home is expected to attend.
  • Please ensure that children attend small group Zoom meetings on time. Due to the nature and organisation of these sessions, it will not be possible for children to join if they are more than 5 minutes late.
  • In order to maximise learning and engagement, please would you ensure the following:
    • Children are dressed i.e. not in pyjamas – wearing their school uniform jumper will help with routines.
    • Children must have had their breakfast before the session and must not be eating during the call – this affects their concentration, as well as the other children in the group.
    • If possible, children need to be in an appropriate space that is quiet and away from any distractions. It is also better for their focus if they are sitting at a table.
  • For safeguarding and data protection reasons, Zoom meetings must not be recorded and photographs must not be taken.
  • Teachers have disabled the private chat function but please do contact us if you feel that there is any behaviour that causes you concern.

We have made some adaptations to home learning but are continually reviewing it to ensure that we are supporting children and parents with the daily completion of tasks. We very much welcome your feedback and appreciate that you all have additional pressures. While we want to be able to adapt to all our families, there are constraints and challenges; we will continue to do our best for you and your children.

Wellbeing Tip of the Week – Gaining a sense of control  

In this time of uncertainty, where we can’t predict what’s going to happen next, it can feel like we have little control. This can be damaging for our mental wellbeing. So, what can we do to regain that sense of control amongst the chaos? Try to create structure in your day by establishing a routine, find things around the house that you can tidy up or re-organise, take on a project that you can do at home, e.g. growing some vegetables. Having control over our life circumstances can reduce chronic stress and improve our physical health. 


Easyfundraising – While shopping online during lockdown, don’t forget you can keep raising money for the school via many major retailers. Please click on the link and sign up if you have not already done so.

Christian Value – Endurance

It is highly appropriate that our Christian Value this term is endurance. We can all acknowledge that sometimes it is hard to keep trying, especially when things are challenging. It can feel as though everything is going wrong. It is at these times that we need to dig deeper, seeking support and encouragement from others or focusing on thoughts and activities that boost us. We are all set, and have, different expectations and so must learn the steps to take to fulfil these.

‘Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.’ Romans 5:3-4


Camden Music are providing online lessons for children during the period of lockdown. For our Year 4, 5 and 6 class bands, Mr DaSilva and Mr Ashby will be making videos of trumpet and trombone lessons, which we will post to the Music page of the school website. For children who get individual instrumental lessons that parents pay for directly, Camden Music Service are currently putting parents and music tutors in touch to make arrangements so that lessons can continue online. If you have any queries about this, please contact Camden Music Services directly.

Term dates for 2020 – 2021

First day of autumn term Thursday 3rd September 2020
Half termMonday 26th – Friday 30th October
Last day of autumn term Friday 18th December
First day of spring termMonday 4th January 2021
Half term Monday 15th – Friday 19th February
Last day of spring termThursday 1st April
First day of summer termMonday 19th April
Half termMonday 31st May – Friday 4th June
Last day of summer termFriday 16th July