“Open the window of your mind. Allow the fresh air, new lights and new truths to enter.”

Amit Ray

As we whizzed through this busy half term, we all continued to be lifted by the enthusiasm and excitement of the children being with each other and learning together. You can enjoy seeing some of the learning via the updated class blog pages. Next half term will bring a full focus on Shakespeare with classes learning about different aspects of life in the time that Shakespeare lived, along with refining and preparing for performances – so much to look forward to!

COVID 19 Reporting

While we hope that everyone is fit and well during the half term, with COVID 19 still being around please could the parents of any child that tests positive in the next week ensure that they contact me via email: head@holytrinitynw1.camden.sch.uk.

Sports News

Earlier this week, both our Year 6 boys and girls football teams were back in action for the first time in almost 12 months. They took part in the Camden primary school football competition at Talacre Sports Centre. The boys played their games on Tuesday and managed to go unbeaten throughout the competition, by winning 4 and tying 2. This great effort resulted in them coming runners up overall. The girls then went along on Thursday and were also unbeaten, winning 2 and tying 2 games. This resulted in the girls winning the competition. We would like to congratulate both teams on their amazing achievements this week and express how proud we are of them all.

Attendance and Punctuality

The whole school attendance this week was excellent at 96.7%. Another huge well done to Y1 for winning the bear again this week and to Y4 for topping the table in KS2.

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Attendance Bears

Y1: 99.3% Y4: 99.3%

Early Birds

Y2 & Y5

Helping us to keep everyone safe

Please remember to adhere to the following practices:

  • Maintain social distancing outside school at drop off and pick up;
  • Parents/carers are unable to enter the school building or playgrounds and must drop off at/pick up from the allocated gate;
  • It is recommended that only one parent/carer drops off and picks up;
  • If parents/carers are attending a prearranged meeting in school and 2 metres distance is not possible, masks will need to be worn.

Christian Value – Compassion

As we move away from our focus on how we show compassion in our actions and our words, we must still keep such a fundamental value at the forefront of our minds. Our relationships with others are key to our wellbeing and in order for these to be strong and secure, we need to be able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. This needs to begin from a young age. Building an understanding of what others are feeling, how their own actions can impact on others, and why someone might be experiencing feelings at a particular time is a valuable life skill for children to possess.

We all learn from each other but one of our greatest teachers is Jesus. He used parables and stories to teach us about the kingdom of God and his deeds taught us about important values including compassion. The power of his method is teaching by example.

The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion.

Psalm 116:5

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

The NHS Mental Health Support Team who work across school in Camden are excited to be able to offer an online webinar series for all parents and carers of primary school children in Camden.

The series will include online workshops via Zoom. Dates and times for the four topics offered are as follows:

Webinar topicDateTime
1) Managing parent and carer worriesFriday 28th May9.30 to 10:30 Q and A 10:30 to 11.00
2) Managing children’s worriesFriday 11th of June9.30 to 10:30 Q and A 10:30 to 11.00
3a) Supporting transition to secondary school option AFriday 18th June9.30 to 10:30 Q and A 10:30 to 11.00
3b) Supporting transition to secondary school option BFriday 25th June9.30 to 10:30 Q and A 10:30 to 11.00
4) Routine and summer activitiesFriday 2nd July9.30 to 10:30 Q and A 10:30 to 11.00

Each workshop will last up to 60 minutes, with an optional follow-up slot of 30 minutes for further questions for those parents that are interested.  You can opt-in to all four workshops, or select one or more topics that most appeal to you. We offer two options of the same workshop on ‘Supporting Transition to Secondary School’. You can select:

Option A – Friday 18th June, 9.30 to 10:30 (Q and A 10:30 to 11.00)


Option B – Friday 25th June, 9.30 to 10:30 (Q and A 10:30 to 11.00)

To find out more information and to register for any of the workshops for free, please go to the Eventbrite webpage at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mhst-parent-and-carer-wellbeing-webinar-series-tickets-154740568205

Wellbeing Tip of the Week Overcoming the fear of failure

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Failure is an inevitable part of life. We all make mistakes. But why do we let it stop us from trying? When we experience failure, feelings of rejection are triggered and our brain processes it as physical pain. This is why failure can feel like it hurts physically as well as emotionally. We might stop trying in order to protect ourselves from experiencing these feelings again. But, if we stop trying, we’ll never grow and reach our potential. It’s important to learn to work through the pain of a failure. The first step is to accept those difficult feelings so we can process them and move forward and then try to put the situation into perspective. We can then re-focus on our original goal and consider what we can learn from our failure and do differently next time to get us closer to our goal. The only thing standing in the way of success is our fear of failure.

“The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” Paulo Coelho.


Where: Eleanor Palmer Primary School, Lupton St, NW5 2JA
When: Tuesday 1st – Friday 4th June
Time: 9.00am-3.00pm Age: 5-11 year olds 
Cost: Full week = £90 / Concession rate = £65

For more info, please email Coach Steve at prorevolution.development@gmail.com

Girls Football Development Class (with Coach Steve)

Where: Fleet Primary School, Agincourt Rd, NW3 2QT

When: Every Tuesday 

Time: 5.30-6.30pm 

Age: 6-10 year olds (Year 2 to Year 5)

Cost: First class is FREE (£6 per class thereafter)

For more info, please email Coach Steve at prorevolution.development@gmail.com

BAME Helpline

Barnardos have a helpline for Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic children, young people and parents/carers, that are affected by Covid-19. They are available to hear about any worries, problems and stresses during this time, and can provide emotional support, practical advice and signposting to other organisations who can provide further help. 

Camden Healthy Eating Support Team

Dear Parents/Carers,

Camden Learning are offering FREE virtual healthy eating sessions for families. The sessions cover a range of healthy eating support, including: eating well at home; fun breakfast ideas and hidden sugars; understanding labels and portion sizes; and strategies to raise healthy eaters. ‘Fussy eating’ strategies are discussed in each topic. You are welcome to attend one or all of the sessions. Times and contact details are listed on the flier here.


Easyfundraising – While shopping online during lockdown, don’t forget you can keep raising money for the school via many major retailers. Please click on the link and sign up if you have not already done so.


All music lessons are now face to face at school including:

  • Individual and group lessons
  • Class bands
  • Class recorder

Term dates for 2020 – 2021

First day of autumn term Thursday 3rd September 2020
Half termMonday 26th – Friday 30th October
Last day of autumn term Friday 18th December
First day of spring termMonday 4th January 2021
Half term Monday 15th – Friday 19th February
Last day of spring termThursday 1st April
First day of summer termMonday 19th April
Half termMonday 31st May – Friday 4th June
Last day of summer termFriday 16th July