This week Reception have been learning all about occupations and thinking about what they would like to be when they are older.

Reception were very lucky to have three special visitors who taught us about their jobs. A big thankyou to our special guests!

James’s mum Jo, taught us all about working for a newspaper. We learnt about what news is and the different jobs that you can have at a newspaper. We also got to see how newspapers are printed and made our very own! Front page news was our celebratory pyjama party!


Maximilian’s mum Nancy, taught us all about what it is like to be an architect. We were very lucky to find out about some projects that she has worked on. We also designed and made our own model houses!

Oluwaseyi’s mum Kafilat, taught us about what it is like to be a nurse. We learnt lot’s about why it is important to be healthy. We also took turns to use stethoscopes to listen to our own and our friends heartbeats!