For Mitzvah day this week, our class made ‘Show you care’ packages for the homeless. After the amazing effort of raising £169 at our bake sale last Friday, we were able to have some flexibility in what we were wanting to order for our care packages. Firstly, we brainstormed possible items to put in each of the packages, then we narrowed that extensive list down to essential items so that we could make as packages as possible but still have a decent amount of items in them.

Students researched on Poundland’s website the items that we wanted to include and we inputted their prices into a spreadsheet. In order to decide on the amount of packages we could afford with the items we chose, we learnt how to create a formula in the spreadsheet. We needed a formula for the cost of one care package which ended up being £7. Then we worked out how many packages we could afford if each one was £7 which was 24!

Of course, like any online shopping, when our shoppers went to the store they didn’t have all of the items that we had planned. They did a fantastic job improvising when needed and drawing on the items that we had brainstormed earlier.