Year 1 spent the afternoon familiarising themselves with compass directions. They learnt directional language (north, south, east, west) and then used it in their drama lesson with Mr Williams. They were first given a map of London and had to work out where different attractions and monuments were in London by using compass directions, then they were given directions orally that they had to  follow as a class.

Year 1 spent the morning working with Perform drama to locate the world’s seven continents. Year 1 pretended they were Phileas Fogg and went around the world in 80 days to find the magic boomerang for the Queen. We named the continents and then tried to picture what sorts of climates they would be.

Year 1 spent the afternoon helping their partner navigate to different parts of the classroom by using their directional language. At first, they studied the picture map given and then chose somewhere in the classroom to send their partner to. They told their partner how many steps and which direction they should go e.g. ‘take 3 steps towards table number 2’.

Year 1 spent the morning making treasure maps. We first looked at Atlas’ of the United Kingdom and talked about the symbols you would find on a map. They then draw their own maps included compass directions and some symbols they had seen in the Atlas.