Year 1 have been hard at work practising their impressive artistic skills and creating some beautiful pieces of art! They have been learning about the different ways we can express ourselves in self-portraits – be it in a realistic way or a more abstract way. Across the past few weeks, Year 1 have produced a number of different portraits to express themselves.

On the first week, Year 1 drew sketches using their photos as inspiration. Some of the class decided to have a more realistic approach, and others chose to add details to their work that represented how they felt or something important about them.

The next week, Year 1 looked at some of Picasso’s self-portraits and other works as inspiration for their colourful self-portraits. We were lucky to have some beautiful coloured paper which were then cut up (or ripped) to create the features of our faces.

On this week, Year 1 experimented with a different medium and used chalk on black sugar paper to create their self-portraits. Once again we looked at Picasso as inspiration for their work, and saw how Picasso’s portraits were not always realistic – often very colourful, abstract and a little wonky! It was a little messy but Year 1 loved having a go at using the different colours of chalk.

We loved this topic and were immensely proud of the work that Year 1 produced. They had a fantastic attitude and created some really wonderful pieces of art!