At the end of last half term, Year 1 went to Hampstead Heath to become plant detectives! We hopped on the overground for the short journey over, and then got settled in the education centre to learn about how we could become plant detectives.

In groups, we ventured out into the park for a special challenge. Each group had a collection of leaves – these were different shapes and sizes, and we had to look for the plants that these leaves had originally come from. Some were near the ground, some were in the bushes, and others could be found high up in the trees!

We then headed underneath a large oak tree to hear more about what plants needed to grow. Afterwards, we role-played as little seeds and had a scavenger hunt to find all the things we needed to grow.

Finally, we created some artwork of a flower using the natural materials around us. Take a look at some of the artwork we made!