Welcome to our secret garden book corner!

We are blooming readers!

Over the summer, Year 2 have been reading lots. They came into school very excited about all the books they had read and enjoyed and wanted to share this with their class. We decided to reflect on why we like reading and how it makes us feel. We also shared our favourite books we are currently reading.

How Year 2 saved our classroom by working together!

In our PSHE session we focused on the book ‘How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow!’ The book was about the sun and the clouds not working together so there was no more colour in the world. Year 2 analysed how the crayons saved the rainbow and what they did to work together as a team. We thought about how we can work as a team in Year 2 and talked about the skills we need.

The History of the Regents Canal

This term, Year 2 have been learning about the Regents canal. We have explored the canal on our various school trips to Camden and to the Canal Museum in Kings Cross. We even went on a narrowboat! We were inspired by the canal in art to create our background of our display. Our book ‘Snowy’ by Berlie Doherty, we explored the setting of the canal and wrote setting descriptions using prepositions to describe where relics were. We even had help from Mr Williams in drama to help us with vocabulary for our settings.