During Global Goals week, Year 2 focused on goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. Year 2 were introduced to what the Global Goals  were and discussed each goal and what it meant. There was great discussion about  goal 4: Quality Education and goal 5: Gender Equality. We then thought about how convenient it is for us to have access to clean drinking water or how easy it is to have a shower by just running a tap and then compared that with people who have to walk for an hour sometimes to wells with many obstacles in their way. 

We played a game to understand this but using a bucket to represent the well and having obstacles in our way. We saw at the end how much water we had and discussed whether that would be enough water for 15 children to drink and shower with in a day.

We then moved on to understanding the water ecosystems and learnt what valleys, mountains, rivers and lakes look like and how we can identify them. We built our own Lego landscapes. We used different coloured Lego pieces to represent different features of a typical UK landscape including: blue for rivers and seas, green for fields, forests and meadows, white for snowy mountains and clouds and yellow for sandy beaches. We focused on how water would flow around our landscapes falling down mountains via rivers and flowing into the sea and then turning into clouds as the whole process starts again.