This week Year 2 went on a fantastic trip to The Globe. We had a tour of the theatre, learned some really interesting facts and then took part in a brilliant drama workshop based around our current topic, which is The Tempest.

First we took the tube all the way to London Bridge.

Then we had lunch!

After lunch, our Education Practitioner Jack arrived to show us around the theatre.

He told us lots of interesting facts about when the original Globe Theatre was built and we thought about why people would want to build a replica of it.

Then we went inside!

Jack took us through the stage doors, into the backstage area.

Backstage, we practised a few lines from The Tempest.

We got to deliver our lines on the real stage! We even had a round of applause from some of the other tour groups.

Jack showed us a hidden trapdoor in the stage.

After being on the stage, we sat in the audience and thought about how we would stage The Tempest if we were directors.

We learned some really interesting facts about where different people would sit in the theatre in Shakespearean times.

After our tour we took part in a drama workshop on The Tempest.

We made the ship using only our bodies!

We practised portraying the different characters physically.

We practised playing the roles of Ariel and Prospero, delivering their lines in different ways.

‘My liberty?’ ‘No more!’

‘My liberty!’ ‘No more.’