This week, we were incredibly lucky to have a visit from Esther at the Francis Crick Institute. Exploring what we already know about sound, we set up an enquiry question to try and answer: do we have two ears to hear sounds from different directions?

In pairs, we made our initial predictions before discussing how we could use experiments to help us draw some conclusions. We decided that one of us, blindfolded, would try and point to where he could hear us making sound. On our first time, he would have one ear plugged and on our second round of data-gathering, he would have both ears available! We measured and recorded his accuracy with each go, before comparing and contrasting our results, using them to try and draw some conclusions. Based on our data, our test subject’s accuracy was certainly greater when he had both ears available. The conclusions we drew as to why varied depending on the evidence we used, and we agreed that we would probably need to repeat our test to draw any reliable conclusions.

We had so many questions after our workshop- we look forward to further enquiry to try and answer them!