This week has marked the final week of what has been a fascinating Black History Month for Year 6.

As part of our focus on apartheid in South Africa, we immersed ourselves in its historical and political context through our focus text, Beverly Naidoo’s Journey to Jo’burg. To gain an understanding of the background of our protagonist, Naledi, we created her village in drama, giving our peers guided tours of the sections we had so creatively represented. This helped us describe Naledi’s setting before we wrote fantastic narratives about what happened when Naledi left her village for Jo’burg.

In guided reading this week, we have enjoyed discovering more about inspirational black people, such as poets, sportspeople, activists and scientists! Many of us have ended this week with new heroes, role models or aspirations. We ended the week by summarising and presenting information about a particular person we had read about and been inspired by. We then reflected on the importance of celebrating Black History in the present, identifying our heroes of today, such as Marcus Rashford for the work he has done for children.

Every morning during our Black History Month focus, we have enjoyed celebrating the excellence of black music artists of all genres by listening to a different artist every day. We have loved hearing the songs and artists familiar to us already, but many of us have also discovered new favourites to listen to!