Drama takes centre stage in the Year 6 curriculum as students dive into the compelling world of Marcus Sedgwick’s “Floodland.” The novel’s haunting themes of a submerged world become the backdrop for an immersive drama activity that brings the narrative closer to home, quite literally, by setting the scene in the vibrant borough of Camden. Through a series of role-playing exercises, the students transform their understanding of the fictional flooded landscape into a reflection of their own community. They explore the impact of rising waters on local landmarks, discuss the challenges faced by the residents, and delve into the resilience required to adapt to this imaginative scenario. The drama activity not only deepens their connection to the novel but also sparks thoughtful conversations about the real-world implications of environmental changes. As the students don costumes and assume roles inspired by their Camden surroundings, they not only explore the fictional realm of “Floodland” but also gain a heightened awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship in their own backyard. This innovative approach to literature not only fosters a love for storytelling but also encourages a sense of responsibility toward the world they inhabit.