Our recent summer fair was a remarkable event, marked not just by the sunny weather and joyous atmosphere, but by the entrepreneurial spirit of our Year 6 students. Inspired by the popular TV show “Dragon’s Den,” our young innovators took on the challenge of resourcing and running their own businesses. Their creativity and hard work paid off, resulting in a vibrant marketplace filled with unique stalls. Here’s a glimpse of their inspiring ventures:

Sweat Heaven

Our budding confectioners at Sweat Heaven brought a delightful selection of homemade sweets and treats. The colourful array of candies, chocolates, and sugary delights was a huge hit among fairgoers. These young entrepreneurs demonstrated their knack for both product creation and customer service, leaving everyone with a sweet taste in their mouths.

FAB Build Your Own Bracelets

Creativity and personalization were the key themes at the FAB Build Your Own Bracelets stall. Children and adults alike enjoyed the hands-on experience of selecting beads and charms to create their unique pieces of jewellery. This interactive concept not only engaged customers but also highlighted the students’ understanding of customer experience and bespoke products.

Fun Fruits

Promoting healthy eating in the most delicious way possible, the Fun Fruits stall offered vibrant fruit kebabs. With a focus on fresh, seasonal produce, the team behind Fun Fruits educated their peers and customers on the benefits of healthy snacking. Their colourful and tasty creations were a testament to their commitment to health and wellness.

Styling Sprinkle Custom Cupcakes

The Styling Sprinkle Custom Cupcakes stall turned cupcake decorating into an art form. Visitors could choose from a variety of toppings and frostings to create their perfect cupcake. This venture showcased the students’ culinary skills and their ability to cater to diverse tastes. It was a sweet success, drawing in crowds eager to craft their custom treats.

Cow Poo Lottery

Adding a unique twist to traditional fundraising games, the Cow Poo Lottery drew plenty of attention and laughter. Participants purchased squares on a grid placed in a field, eagerly awaiting the cow to make its mark. This quirky and fun game demonstrated the students’ innovative thinking and their ability to inject humour into their business endeavours.

Trendy Trinkets Lucky Dip and Accessories

The Trendy Trinkets stall combined the excitement of a lucky dip with the allure of stylish accessories. Visitors had the chance to reach into a treasure box filled with mystery items, each one a delightful surprise. Alongside the lucky dip, the stall featured an array of fashionable accessories, from chic hairbands to trendy keychains. The students behind Trendy Trinkets displayed a keen eye for popular trends and a talent for curating appealing collections.

Moon Bandz Custom Loom Bands

Loom bands made a colourful comeback at the Moon Bandz Custom Loom Bands stall. Customers could choose their favourite colours and watch as the young entrepreneurs skillfully crafted personalized bracelets on the spot. This hands-on venture not only showcased the students’ dexterity and creativity but also their ability to engage with customers and provide a memorable experience. The bright, custom-made loom bands were a hit, especially among the younger fairgoers.

The Outcome

Not only did these ventures bring joy and entertainment to the fair, but they also provided invaluable lessons in business planning, teamwork, and customer engagement for our students. The funds raised from the fair will be reinvested into school projects and charity initiatives, further amplifying the impact of our young entrepreneurs’ efforts.


Our Year 6 students have truly impressed us with their creativity, business acumen, and teamwork. The success of their “Dragon’s Den” style pitches at the summer fair is a testament to their hard work and the support of our dedicated staff and community. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and look forward to seeing how they will continue to grow and innovate in the future.

Here’s to our young entrepreneurs and the bright futures that lie ahead!