The Heroes are children from Y5 and Y6 who volunteer to be champions for children’s wellbeing at HTSS, acting as mentors to all children across the school. The programme fosters a sense of belonging, builds relationships and supports pupil voice.

Each Hero has a Hero Buddy group, comprised of children from Reception to Year 6, whom they meet with on a regular basis for whole school Hero Buddy sessions. This is an opportunity for children across the school to get to know one another, a chance to be heard and share ideas and for the Heroes to guide and scaffold these discussions without needing an adult to intervene.

Y5 and Y6 Heroes receive Hero Buddy training through Human Utopia workshops and work with class teachers. Hero Buddy groups change annually, meaning children get to experience being in different groups, making new friends across the school every year. The magic continues beyond the sessions, with Heroes checking in with their buddies at playtimes and lunchtimes as well.

Watch how much our children enjoy being Heroes in these short films: