The Heroes are children from Y5 and Y6 who meet with Ms McCreadie to talk about children’s well being across the school and to share ideas about making positive changes within it.

Each Hero has a ‘Hero Buddy’ group, comprised of children from Reception to Year 6, whom they meet with on a regular basis. This is an opportunity for all children in the school to be heard, make suggestions about what possible changes could be made and for the Heroes to guide and scaffold these discussions without needing an adult to intervene.



International Book Swap Day: 14th February 2019

Thank you to the following heroes for helping Ms Law and Ms Periton organise this fantastic event:

Lydia, Lulu and Dylan for organising the books.

Araiba, Lacey, Ida, Nafesha, Ranyah, Josie, Jakob, Agnes, Lulu, Lydia, Dylan and Bram for helping run the stalls.


Chess Club: January 2019

Thank you to Y5 Heroes, Fred, Wilfred and Jakob for supporting Heath to set up Chess Club and teaching other children how to play.


Food Bank: November 2018

A group of heroes, supported by the Head Girl Boy Team, raised awareness and collected donations for the local Food Bank in Euston.


The HTSS heroes helped organise and raise awareness across the school for Fairtrade and homelessness.

Watch how much our children enjoy being heroes: