Welcome to Reception’s homepage! Reception is such an exciting year, full of hands on learning and play. We are very excited to settle in and for the fun to begin! Take a look at what we have been learning on our class blog!

Reception Team

Class Teachers: Ms See, Ms McQueen and Ms Ricketts 

Autumn 1

This term we will be doing lots of exciting learning! We will be making new friends and getting used to our new environment.

During the first few weeks we will be reading and learning about a book called Owl Babies, this is a carefully chosen text in order to support the children’s transition into Reception. We will then focus on a book called Handa’s Surprise, we will be retelling and re-enacting the story as well as talking about our favourite fruits and healthy eating. Handa’s Surprise is set in Kenya, and as part of our Black History Month focus in the last two weeks of the half term, we will be learning more about Kenya, as well as taking part in the whole-school focus on the work of African and Caribbean artists. As soon as all of the children are in school we will begin out daily phonics sessions which will enable the children to begin reading and writing.

In maths we will be learning key times of the day, thinking and talking about numbers of personal significance and  working on 1:1 correspondence. We will also be matching, sorting and comparing amounts, comparing size, mass, capacity and exploring pattern. Wherever possible we will be linking our maths learning to other areas of the curriculum and we will be exploring these concepts through the use of concrete resources and games.

In PE we will be experimenting with different ways of moving and we will be learning to jump and land appropriately. 

In RE we will exploring the question-Who Made The Wonderful World? We will be focusing on thinking about who and what is precious to us in order to help the children understand that Christians believe we are precious to God. We will also be learning the story of creation. 

Autumn 2

This half term we will be learning all about journeys and transport. We will explore the book Naughty Bus, Oi! Get off our train! and the TV show Wacky Races. We will use all these stories to draw our own adventures and practice our writing.  We will continue phase 2 phonics and start phase 3, we will focus on blending to help us read and segmenting to help us write.

In maths we will continue practice subitising numbers to 5 and will then practice comparing different amounts using the words ‘more’ and ‘fewer’. We will also practice breaking up numbers in different ways into parts and whole. 

In RE we will be exploring the the Christmas story and will finish our term with the infant Nativity show. 

In PSHE we will continue learning about the Zones of Regulation. We will also begin developing some strategies to help us manage our feelings in each zone. 

Spring 1

This half term we’ll be learning stories all involving food! These include No Dinner!, The Magic Porridge Pot and I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato. We’ll be continuing out daily phonics, and will begin learning Phase 3 sounds and consolidating our knowledge of Phase 2 sounds. 

In RE this half term we will be focusing specifically on answering the question Why do Christians believe Jesus is special? We will also be thinking about who is special and precious to us and why.

We will continue exploring our Zones of Regulation in PSHE and making our own toolkits. We will also learn about how to keep ourselves safe.

Our artist focus this term is Arcimboldo, we will be making food collages and exploring print and pattern using everyday materials e.g. food, pasta, potatoes.

Over the next couple of weeks in maths we will compare numbers and explore equal, more than and fewer than. We will also explore the composition of numbers and how a whole number can be split into different parts. We will also being recognising and ordering the digits 1-5. 

Spring 2

This half term we’ll be learning all about Our World Outside. We will discuss natural and man-made objects and go on hunts around our garden. We will also tune into how the seasons are changing and begin planting in our outdoor area. 

We will read stories like The Bog Baby, Jack and the Beanstalk and Errol’s Garden and use them for our writing. We’ll be continuing out daily phonics focusing on consolidating our knowledge of Phase 2 and 3 sounds. 

Over the next couple of weeks in Maths we will be estimating how many objects we can see. We will be working on recognising familiar object arrangements (dice face) and  playing lots of maths games to support us with subitising.

In RE this half term we will be learning all about Easter, focusing specifically on answering the question What Is So Special About Easter?




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Reading folders to be brought in. Please ensure that your child reads at home every night. Children to come to school wearing their PE kit.Reading folders to be brought in. Please ensure that your child reads at home every night.Home learning set on Tapestry.