Welcome to Reception’s homepage! Reception is such an exciting year, full of hands on learning and play. We are very excited to settle in and for the fun to begin! Take a look at what we have been learning on our class blog!

Reception Team

Class Teacher: Ms Petrou

Teaching Assistants: Ms Powley, Mrs McQueen


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Reading folders. Parent/carer to write a comment in the log book. Reading folders. Parent/carer to write a comment in the log book. Reading folders. Parent/carer to write a comment in the log book.
PE Kit.

Summer 1

This half term we will carry on with our home learning. In Literacy we will focus on a different book every week, exploring it, drawing, talking about it, imagining and writing.

In RE we will explore the question- Who cares for this special world and why? We will be focusing on appreciating how special our world is, the different people who look after it and the ways we can help look after it too.

In Maths we will cover a range of topics such as ordering numbers, measure, adding, subtracting, halving and doubling. We will try to do this in a practical way where possible and we will use resources such as games on Purple Mash, videos and workbooks to support and consolidate.

Ms Periton will continue setting weekly art tasks and the outcomes can be shared on reception’s special art blog for everyone to enjoy.

A different sort of half term with lots of exciting learning happening at home!

Spring 2

This half term we will continue using our phonics to practise blending for reading and segmenting for spelling CVC words.

We will continue learning about The Tempest through drama, art, music and literacy working towards the Shakespeare performance and exhibition at the end of this term.

We will learn about money in a practical way through our new reception snack shop, the shopkeepers and customers will use a checkpoint to ensure the correct amount of money is being paid.

A busy half term with lots to look forward to!

Important dates in Spring 2

Tuesday 24th March- Infant Shakespeare performances

Spring 1

This term will be jam packed with lots of learning in Reception class!

In literacy we will be reading The Bog Baby, we will be making our own Bog babies and describing them. We will then begin preparing for The Shakespeare Project which we will work on with Year 1 and 2.

In maths we will be learning about adding and subtracting, halving and sharing, putting numbers in order and doubling.

Linked to out learning about ‘The Bog Baby’ we will be looking at art inspired by natural landscapes such as art by Claude Monet.

In character and wellbeing we will be focusing on courage, we will discuss facing out fears and the strength of a superhero!

Important dates in Spring 1

Friday 7th February – Reception class assembly


This term we will be doing lots of exciting learning!

In literacy we will be learning about and sharing our favourite nursery rhymes and traditional tales. If you have a favourite please do let us know!

We will be looking at maths in our everyday environment and we will be investigating numbers and shapes at school and in our local area.

In PE we will be experimenting with different ways of moving and we will be learning to jump and land appropriately.

In art we will learning about Pop Art. We will be exploring pattern and colour to create our very own art pieces.

Important dates in Autumn

Friday 15th November – Reception class assembly