Welcome to Reception’s homepage! Reception is such an exciting year, full of hands on learning and play. We are very excited to settle in and for the fun to begin! Take a look at what we have been learning on our class blog!

Reception Team

Class Teacher: Miss Hale

Teaching Assistants: Miss Powley, Mrs Hough


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Reading folders. Parent/carer to write a comment in the log book.  PE Kit. Reading folders. Parent/carer to write a comment in the log book.   Reading folders. Parent/carer to write a comment in the log book.
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This half term Reception will be learning all about animals!
We will begin the Summer term with a trip to Kentish Town City Farm to learn about the animals that live there and to find out how they are looked after.
Following on from this we will be thinking all about pets, with our focus text being ‘I want a pet’ by Lauren Child. We will be writing letters to the pet shop to ask for a pet for Reception, so watch this space!
During the last two weeks of term we will focus our attention on minibeasts. We will visit Hampstead Heath for  a ‘bugliest bug’ workshop and will time spend time investigating the insects that live in our local environment (at school, in the Church garden, and in Castlehaven park). We will think lots about how we can look after them and the sorts of things we can do to ensure that they have a safe home in our school garden.

Across the term we will recap all that we have learned in phonics so far to make sure that we are secure with all of our letters and sounds. This will help us with our reading and writing.

In Maths we will begin by looking at data handling, collecting data on peoples favourite pets. We will move on to look at addition, subtraction and one more/one less. We will also be using our knowledge of halving and sharing for problem solving.

Animals and seasonal change will provide the stimulus for our learning in Art and Science this half term, according to which we will be thinking lots about how we can look after animals and our world by making, growing, doing and encouraging others to act!

Important dates for Reception in Summer

Wednesday 24th April- Reception trip to Kentish Town City Farm.
Thursday 2nd May- Reception trip to the Camden Learning Centre (CLC).
Friday 10th May-Holy Trinity and St Silas Spring Fair.
Tuesday 21st May-Reception trip to Hampstead Heath.




We will begin this half term with three weeks of Science! Across these three weeks we will focus on looking at changes  in order to develop and refine our scientific enquiry skills.
Through carrying out investigations we will practice asking questions, making predictions, testing out our ideas and observing changes from which we can draw conclusions.
There will be lot’s of opportunities to get stuck in and to get messy with our focus on Science also providing lot’s of stimulus for sensory play and Art.

After three weeks of Scientific exploration we will begin our topic of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. We will be thinking lot’s about magic and love!
We will write spells, potion recipes, wedding invitations and love poems as well as hosting Greek food tasting sessions and holding magical fairy dances in the garden.

In Maths we will be looking at addition, subtraction, halving and sharing, capacity and doubles. All will be looked at through our focus on Science and ‘A midsummer nights dream’ to make sure our learning is hands on and meaningful.

Important Dates for Reception in Spring

Wednesday 30th January- EYFS/KS1 Parent Maths Workshop

Friday 1st February- Reception Class Assembly


This term we will be doing lots of exciting learning!

In literacy we will be learning about and sharing our favourite nursery rhymes and traditional tales. If you have a favourite please do let us know!

We will be looking at maths in our everyday environment and will be investigating numbers and shapes at school and in our local area.

As part of the whole school Black History month project we will be learning all about Jamaica, it’s landscape, music and food. We will have plenty of time for dancing and cooking!

In art we will looking at the wonderful Yayoi Kusama. We will be exploring pattern and colour to create our very own art pieces.