The school receives a grant from the local authority to improve the provision of PE and sport in school to help support children in developing a healthy lifestyle.

The school uses the grant to contribute to the cost of employing a PE coach. The coach works with staff to deliver high quality PE lessons and develop staff members’ own subject knowledge and skills. Additionally the funding supports our specialist coach to engage the children in half-termly competitions, including football and athletics, offer morning fitness classes, lunchtime sports clubs, an intra-school competition programme and provide specialist intervention programmes, supporting the development of core strength and character building.

In 2013-14 the school received £5,429, in 2014-15 the school received £3,451, in 2016-17 £8,883, in 2017-18 £14,080, in 2018-19 £17,784, and in 2019-20 17,791