Every class in school has a weekly art lesson. In KS2, these are taught by our Art Specialist teacher. In Reception and KS1, art lessons are planned by our specialist and delivered by class teachers. Throughout the year, children will have the opportunity to develop their drawing, painting, sculpture, print-making, photography and digital art, through a range of exciting projects.

Art lessons take place in our wonderful, light and airy art room, which all pupils can access. Where possible Art lessons are linked to classroom topics to support the children’s learning, while also focusing on developing key technical skills. For example Year 6 children studying the Americas developed their watercolour landscape painting and learned to draw using perspective and vanishing points.

We are proud that our artistic achievements have been recognised beyond school! In recent years, we have been selected for the Take One Picture exhibition at the National Gallery. Most recently our Y6 children were commissioned to make a film in collaboration with the British Museum and Art UK. In Year 5, all children are entered for Arts Award Discover level, an award accredited by Trinity College, London.

As well as weekly art lessons, children have many other opportunities to take part in the visual arts. These include gallery visits, talks from visiting artists, workshops – and our popular Art Week in the summer term! We are always keen to hear from creative people in our school community who would like to share their skills and experience with us. Please speak to Ms Periton or the school office. ​

Enjoy looking through our gallery of work.

Click here to watch our Art UK film about the making of this artwork!

Art Home Learning

I am so proud of how creative everyone has been since we have moved to Home Learning. Every class has been set a weekly art task, and children have been so engaged, going above and beyond to make some really original art!

Some of the projects we have done have included:

• Drawing games such as Exquisite Corpse and The Shape Game

• Sharing our favourite artworks, with the reasons why we like them

• Animation – including making thaumatropes and waterfall cards, and using digital programmes like 2Animate

• Creative photography

Photography in particular has been a huge hit across school! First, children were challenged to take a photograph of something familiar and make it unfamiliar by changing the angle or frame. Then we looked at STAGED PHOTOGRAPHY and the work of artist Jan Von Holleben, which inspired us to make playful, humorous images. Finally we explored LAND ART, inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy. I am sure you’ll agree that the results are amazing and just what we all need to cheer ourselves up at this time! 

Check out the images in our Home Learning gallery and I’ll add more soon. 

The Tempest: Whole School Art Exhibition

This term, our lovely children have been working hard in class, learning all about William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and this is especially true in Art!  

We always look forward to displaying children’s work in a big exhibition during production week. It is a real highlight to invite parents and carers to come in and share all our achievements. We are so sad that this year it’s not possible to do this – but we hope that this wonderful online gallery will give you a sense of what children across all year groups have achieved in art.

For reasons of time and space, I haven’t been able to include absolutely everything – there was so much to choose from! I’m sorry if you don’t see your work here. Please rest assured that I’ll do my best to get many more examples of this fantastic creative work up onto our school walls in the near future, for all to enjoy.

Well done, everyone. You should all be so proud of yourselves.

Ms Periton 

The Tempest: Reception Art

Reception children created large-scale process art of a tempestuous storm. They also made 3D models of islands, using all natural materials.   

The Tempest: Year 1 Art

Year 1 children focussed on the feast in The Tempest. They made brilliant observational drawings and delicious looking 3D papier mache food. They also painted great landscapes of stormy seas and shipwrecks.

The Tempest: Year 2 Art

Year 2 children created ancient maps of Prospero’s magical island, using strong lines and eye-catching colour and graphics.

The Tempest: Year 3 Art

Year 3 children’s paintings of the storm and the shipwreck were inspired by JMW Turner. The children worked hard to create atmosphere and impact through texture.

The Tempest: Year 4 Art

Year 4 had a wonderful time building boats in D&T. For their fine art project, they made mixed media island landscapes, using ink and printing techniques.

The Tempest: Year 5 Art

For their Tempest projects, Year 5 focussed on faces! Using a character from the play, they learned how to draw a face in proportion, then applied those skills to working in 3D with clay. Year 5 also helped to create the wonderful set design which we hope to use later this year.

The Tempest: Year 6 Art

Y6’s fabulous collages were created from scratch, first by making a huge range of gorgeous textured paper, then by carefully layering up their scenes. Like Year 5, Year 6 also worked hard on the wonderful set design which we hope to use later this year.

Pop Art Hall Displays

We hope by now you have had a chance to look at our wonderful displays in the lower school hall. Every year we have a theme and this year it was POP ART! Every class learned about a significant Pop Artist and created work inspired by them. Check out paintings, printing, collage and photography inspired by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Peter Blake, Roy Lichtenstein and David Hockney! ​

Black History Month Art

As a school we always celebrate Black History Month in October and in Art, children take part in projects linked to their learning. We hope you enjoy these paintings by Y5 and Y6. Their work on Scots Nigerian poet Jackie Kay led them to contrast the different landscapes of Scotland and Nigerian and mix cool and warm colour palettes to paint them.  

Christmas Show Set Design

We love to get our junior children involved in designing the sets for their fabulous productions. Our Christmas show retold moon myths from different cultures – so in Art, children enjoyed learning about Aboriginal art from Australia, printmaking from Japan, Inuit art from Greenland/Alaska, and batik textiles from India – then made banner backdrops for the set.