At Holy Trinity and S. Silas staff work closely with parents, children and other professionals to develop opportunities for all learners.

In autumn 2013 the school gained the Camden Award for Inclusion, an award that recognised that,

School leaders and managers demonstrate inclusive values and attitudes. Expectations for all children are high…inclusive values influence how the school plans for future improvement and how it runs day to day.
Neil Smith, Camden SEND and Inclusion Manager

Meet The Inclusion Team

Kate Arnison – Special Educational Needs and Disablities Co-ordinator, SENDCo

The SENDCo, Kate Arnison, is responsible for the day to day running of SEND provision. Contact

Ella Clayton – Learning Mentor

Ella works every day with pupils at the school, offering mentoring support to enable them to obercome barriers to learning.

Neassa Cooke – Occupational Therapist

The occupational therapy (OT) service for children and young people in Camden works with children, families and schools in Camden to promote health and wellbeing through engaging in meaningful activities and occupations to promote independence and participation in all areas of everyday life.

Occupation and participation for children and young people may include self-care (for example getting ready to go out, eating a meal, using the toilet), being actively involved and productive at school (for example in the classroom with school work, playing and PE lessons), and leisure (for example playing with friends, socialising with friends, doing hobbies or sports).

Watch our short video, by Camden SEN and the occupational therapy service for children and young people at the Royal Free Hospital, in order to learn more about the role of occupational therapy in schools.

Click here to view the video at

Claire Vaughan – CAMHS worker

Dave Meechan – Wellbeing practitioner

CAMHS stands for Child, Adolescent and Mental Health.

Claire is committed to delivering and developing interventions and services that are evidence-informed, and uses uses a variety of therapeutic models in her clinical work.  She provides training, supervision and consultation for professionals from a range of agencies, and actively promotes and encourages shared decision making to ensure collaborative working with children, young people and their parents or carers.  Claire’s work with the school is supported by Dave Meechan, who specialises in the mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents.  He supports school staff in developing approaches and interventions that promote children’s wellbeing.

Natalie Clarke – Speech and Language Therapist

Natalie works for Camden Language and Communication service, based at Robson House. The speech therapist and language and communication teacher work closely together.

Mary Rushe – Language and Communication Teacher

Mary works for Camden Language and Communication service, based at Robson House. The language and communication teacher works closely with the speech therapist.

Michelle Stott – Educational Psychologist

Michelle works for the Camden Educational Psychology Service. This service applies psychology to promote educational achievement and the emotional well-being of children and young people. Camden Educational Psychologists work with children and young people, who attend Camden schools, using psychology and educational assessments and interventions. They also provide advice to school staff and parents on a wide range of issues relating to child development. Referrals are made through the school SENDCo.