Welcome to Year 2’s homepage. Year 2 is going to be a jam-packed year of exciting learning, trips and performances. In Year 2 we build upon our love of learning and grow to become more independent – ready for the Juniors! We will follow our varied interests and develop our many talents. On our class blog, you will find photos of all our trips, fun workshops and learning as well as exciting events.

Year 2 Team!

Class Teacher: Mrs Evans

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kabir


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Children should wear their PE kit to school and stay in their kits
Spelling Test and homework due (given out on previous Friday) Homework and spellings given out
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Summer 2

Our final term is Shakespeare term. Year 2 have already been hard at work practising for their final performance in the Infants at HTSS. The Shakespeare play we are focusing on is ‘Romeo and Juliet‘. We will be fully immersed in the play in our drama sessions and in our writing lessons. We will be writing love poems, letters, news bulletins and comic strips.

In science, we will be looking at how materials can stretch, bend, twist and squash and in art, we will be inspired by Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss and create ink paintings.  Our RE focus is all about Judaism; learning about what parties and festivals Jewish people celebrate and why.

Important dates for Year 2 in Summer 2

Wednesday 16th June – School Photo Day
Tuesday 29th June and Wednesday 30th June – Shakespeare Performance
Friday 9th July – Transition day (your child will spend an hour in their new class room with their new teacher)
Tuesday 13th July – School trip – More to follow on 2nd July
Wednesday 14th July – Sports day

It is important to continue to read the homework notices for added dates.

Summer 1

In writing, this half term we will be learning about a book called Magic Ramen: The story of Momofuku Ando by Andrea Wang. The is story is set in Osaka, Japan and every day, Momofuku Ando would retire to his lab–a little shed in his backyard. For years, he’d dreamed about making a new kind of ramen noodle soup that was quick, convenient, and tasty for the hungry people he’d seen in line for a bowl on the black market following World War II. Peace follows from a full stomach, he believed. Day after day, Ando experimented. Night after night, he failed. But Ando kept experimenting. With persistence, creativity, and a little inspiration, Ando succeeded. This is the true story behind one of the world’s most popular foods.

Food is certainly the theme of this half term. Our big question in Geography is ‘Where does our food come from?’ which will help identify how much food comes from the UK and explore the idea of eating seasonally.

In Science, Year 2 will become little MasterChef’s by making pizza, muffins, salad and bread. 

 In RE we will be learning about how Jesus helped people, focusing specifically on answering the question, ‘What stories did Jesus tell us?’

In PSHE we will be thinking about our 3 C’s, Caring, Courage and Cooperation and we will be talking about how we show these in our day to day lives.

In Maths we will be learning about fractions and time and in May we will begin our learning about Shakespeare performance, Romeo and Juliet. ​


Spring 2

Welcome back to all parents/ carers of Year 2! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and perseverance over home learning. Your children have come back so happy and eager to learn and we are looking forward to getting back to some normality and routine.

For the rest of this term, we will be diving straight into our new book called ‘Stardust’ by Jeanne Willis. It is about how a little girl dreams of being a star. But whether it’s finding Mum’s lost wedding ring or winning the fancy-dress prize, her big sister always shines brighter. Yet for her grandad she IS a star and, as he dries her eyes and they both gaze up at the night sky, he tells a story, the story of the beginning of the world. Everything and everyone is made of stardust, and we all shine in different ways. It’s a lesson this little girl will never forget . . . and one day her dream comes true, and she finally realises her ambition to become an astronaut and fly up, up, up into space.

In Maths, we will be going over multiplication and division to make sure there are no gaps or misconceptions in learning. In Art, we will be using be using ink painting and blowing to make the patterns for our origami birds and in RE we will be focusing on the Easter story. In drama, we will building on what we have learnt from this pandemic and make Before, Then and Now poems. In science, we will become young gardeners and will plant basil and carrot tops to eventually include in our salad making at the end of the term. In History, we are learning about the first flight and finally in PSHE, we will be using amazing books to understand what feelings and emotions are and come up with strategies to be able to express them ourselves.

A jam packed term again!


Autumn 2

We are moving on from our History focus and diving straight into Geography. Geography is a wonderful subject that can help children not only understand our physical environment but also the study of humans and their communities and cultures.

Our topic will focus on the weather and seasons and will explore our driving question of ‘Why does the weather change?’. In science, we will be focusing on materials. In RE we will be exploring the story of Noah and later the Christmas story. In maths, we will continue to plug away at our addition and subtraction topic. In writing, we will have a poetry focus for the first two weeks and then delve into narrative by exploring these two books: A Necklace of Raindrops by Joan Aiken and Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story by Sean Taylor and Alex Moross.

We will finish our term with the Nativity: Born in a Barn!

Important dates for Year 2 in Autumn

Friday 13th November – Mitzvah Day
(please dress in green and bring something for our food bank)

Friday 27th November – Geography Dress Up Day (more information to follow)

Nativity dates – Coming soon!

It is important to continue to read the homework notices for added dates. 

Autumn 1

This half term, Year 2’s topic is ‘History of Camden Canals’. We will look at photos and paintings of the canals from the past and present and make comparisons between them, talking about their original purpose and how that may have changed over time. We will also use drama and related picture books to explore the history of our local canals and to inspire our writing.

For the last two weeks of the half term, we will be celebrating Black History Month by learning about Rosa Parks and her part in the struggle for civil rights, as well as taking part in the whole-school art focus studying the work of black artists.

In Maths, we will explore place value and different ways of representing 2-digit numbers. We will also begin exploring different methods for addition and subtraction.

In Science, our focus will be ‘Animals (Including Humans)’ and we will be exploring the different things that all animals need to survive, as well as the importance of a balanced diet and exercise. In Computing we will concentrate on online safety, as well as some basic coding with our new computing teacher, Mr Choats.

In Art, we will be exploring the artist, Modigliani and will be creating our own self portraits like his.  In RE, we will be learning about the Sikhism and Christianity and the children will be able to explain their beliefs as well as learn about the ideas of others.

Important dates for Year 2 in Autumn

Monday 14th September – Canal Scavenger Hunt Trip
Friday 18th September – Trip to Camden Canal Museum
Friday 2nd October – Year 2 class assembly (more information about the format closer to the time)

Mystery Reader

Unfortunately, parents are not able to enter school this term, however, Mystery Reader will continue in a different format through video. If you would like to be our mystery reader one week then please record a video of yourselves reading a story and then sending this story to the office: admin@holytrinitynw1.camden.sch.uk