Welcome to Year 2’s homepage. Year 2 is going to be a jam-packed year of exciting learning, trips and performances. In Year 2 we build upon our love of learning and grow to become more independent – ready for the Juniors! We follow our varied interests and develop our many talents. This year our topics will include: ‘History of Camden Canals,’ a theatrical exploration of a Shakespearean play and ‘Little People, Big Dreams,’ where we will learn about significant people who have changed the course of history, such as Emily Davison and Rosa Parks. We will also explore the theme of ‘Windrush Journeys’ during Black History Month and the Global Goals through inspiring texts. On our class blog, you will find photos of all our trips, fun workshops and learning as well as exciting events.

Year 2 Team!

Class Teacher: Miss Woolway

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kabir


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Spelling Test (words given on previous Wednesday) All homework due Homework to be given for the week ahead P.E

Wear inform to school  and bring P.E. kits in a bag to change into

Book folders and reading records in with 3 comments in from parent/carer Book folders and reading records in with 3 comments in from parent/carer Book folders and reading records in with 3 comments in from parent/carer


This half term we will begin with a three week science topic investigating the themes of ‘Everyday Materials’ and then ‘Plants.’ We explore the properties of materials through investigations where we will plan, predict, record results and write conclusions. For example we will investigate how to waterproof materials and how long it takes for materials to absorb water. We will use stop frame animation to represent the life-cycle of plants and watch and record our own plants grow in the classroom. In writing we will write instructions for experiments, Haikus about the properties of materials and explanations of how to grow vegetables for green-fingered friends . In art we will investigate the properties of materials through collaborative printing and by exploring materials to make our own paint.

After three weeks of our science topic, we will begin our much-awaited topic of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ We will design escape maps through Athens, wanted posters for the missing lovers and symmetrical fairy wings using e-design programmes such as PurpleMash. We will compare real historical accounts of fairies throughout history, and look at life in Ancient Athens using artefacts. In computing we will design menus for the festival of Theseus and Hippolyta and in cooking we will make bread for the joyous occasion! In writing we will describe the forest, creating adverts for holidays with the meddling sprites there. We will write tabloid newspaper reports about the wedding of the year and include wanted posters for the defiant Hermia.

In Maths, we will begin units on money, multiplication and division and fractions.

In RE, we will be learning about promises before God in Christianity through exploring the themes of Baptism and the Christian wedding service.

In Character and Wellbeing we will be exploring the theme of Courage.

Important dates for Year 2 in Spring 1

Tuesday 15th January – CLC trip

Friday 18th January –  Year 2 Class Assembly

Wednesday 30th January – KS1 Parent Maths Workshop


This half term, Year 2’s topic is ‘History of Camden Canals’. We will visit the Canal and find relics of the past on a scavenger hunt as well as explore London Canal Museum and even ride on a real narrow boat. We will use drama and related picture books to explore the history of our local canals and inspire our writing.

In Maths, we will revisit our number facts and place value knowledge; exploring numbers up to 100, comparing them and using our understanding of tens and ones to solve problems. We will then develop our mental and written methods for addition and subtraction including mental addition with 20 and 100 and addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers.

In Science, our focus will be ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’ and we will be finding out about plants and animals in various habitats as well as their food chains.

In Art, we will be exploring the works of artist Georgia O’Keeffe using watercolours and drawing inks. During Black History Weeks, we will be looking at the Windrush generation and discussing what this generation left behind compared to what they saw when they arrived in the UK.

In RE, we will be learning about the Sikhism and Christianity and the children will be able to explain their beliefs as well as learn about the ideas of others.

Important dates for Year 2 in Autumn

Tuesday 18th September: Canal Walk

Wednesday 19th September: London Canal Museum

Friday 28th September: Y2 Class Assembly

w/c 8th October: Parent drop-in sessions

Wednesday 3rd October: Woodberry Wetlands