Welcome to Year Four’s Homepage! Year Four is an exciting year in which the children will continue to develop their independence in learning, both at home and school. We will focus on a variety of topics across the year such as the Romans, the Ancient Egyptians and Shakespeare as well as celebrating Black History Month and the Global Goals.

Please remember to sign your child’s reading record at least 3 times a week to show that they are reading at home. Thank you.

Year Four Team!

Class Teacher: Miss Robey
Teaching Assistant:  Ms Clayton


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Reading folder. Reading folder. Reading folder. Reading folder. Reading folder.
PE kit to be brought into school (not worn). Swimming kit to be brought to school. Brass instruments to be brought into school. Spelling test and times-table challenge.
Homework due.

Spring 1

Our Geography focus at the start of this term has allowed us to hone our map work, compass, comparison and analytical skills. We have woven together our geographical knowledge about polar regions and our understanding of Shackleton’s perilous expedition to the Antarctic aboard the HMS Endurance. Our understanding of conditions in the Arctic and Antarctic has given us a clear insight into the challenges Shackleton overcame! We have been stepping into Shackleton’s shoes to write about the calamities and adventures Shackleton had to face, deepening our understanding and interpretation of Shackleton’s journey by using a range of materials to explore and represent it in Art.

In Maths, we will be building on our multiplication work at the end of last term to help us with written methods we can use to solve much more complicated problems! We will use this to make crucial links when we move to division later in the half term. When we have mastered our understanding of multiplication and division, we will be diving into calculating and comparing area, before starting to tackle fractions. We look forward to practising key skills such as finding equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions.

In Science, our focus will be ‘Human Digestion’ and we will be applying our knowledge to explain and describe the journey of food through creating our own explanation texts.

In RE, we will be learning about the meaning and importance of the commitments Muslim people make to demonstrate their faith and belief.

Our Christian value this half term is Endurance, a value which Shackleton’s journey is already allowing us to make links with and see inspirational examples of in action.

Our Art this half term will initially be inspired by Shackleton’s journey and our Science focus before we immerse ourselves in our Shakespeare project through Art.

We so look forward to diving into our Shakespeare focus half way through this half term, and will find The Tempest informing everything from Writing to Geography!

Important dates for Year 4 in Autumn

Friday 13th March: Year 4 International Women’s Day Assembly (2.40pm in the Church Hall)