Welcome to Year Four’s Homepage! Year Four is an exciting year in which the children will continue to develop their independence in learning, both at home and school. We will focus on a variety of topics across the year such as the Romans, the Ancient Egyptians and Shakespeare as well as celebrating Black History Month and the Global Goals.

Please remember to sign your child’s reading record at least 3 times a week to show that they are reading at home. Thank you.

Year Four Team!

Class Teacher: Mr McIntyre
Teaching Assistant:  Ms Hall


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Reading folder. Reading folder. Reading folder. Reading folder. Reading folder.
Swimming kit to be brought to school. P.E. kit to be brought into school (not worn). Spelling test and times-table challenge.
Homework due in. Instruments brought in for class band. Homework to be sent out for the week ahead.

Summer 2

In the final part of the term, our topic will be Affordable And Clean Energy, as part of the whole school’s focus on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (go to globalgoals.org for more details).  Lots of our literacy work will be based on Energy Island, a book by Allan Drummond about a community in Denmark harnessing the power of the wind to become energy-independent and to reduce carbon emissions.  We will be thinking about some of the issues raised in the book, and about what we can do towards this important goal, such as writing letters to our MP!  Our art lessons will support this theme and involve the children making their own windmills.  We will be recapping on electricity in science and look forward to sharing our learning with the school community during the Global Goals Week (WB 8th July).

First, however, we will celebrate National Arts Week by holding a special arts morning on Wednesday 12th June, in which pupils can enjoy workshops run by parents and teachers on a range of activities, from cardboard crafts and bookmaking to woodworking and ceramics.

In maths we will continue to study decimals, as well as working on our geometry skills and looking at different ways to represent statistics.

We look forward to showing off our athletics abilities at Sports Day; the focus in PE will then move to cricket.

In RE lessons we will be studying many of the most notable figures in the Old Testament, such as Abraham, Ruth and Moses, and considering how their stories can still inspire Christians today.

PSHE lessons will focus on our All About Me topic, in which we will learn about how are bodies and personalities develop as we get older, while in computing lessons we will study animation.

It promises to be a busy and fulfilling end to the school year!

Important dates for Year 4 in Summer 2

Wednesday 12th June: arts morning

Tuesday 18th June: trip to Shakespeare’s Globe

Friday 28th June: school dance fundraising event

Tuesday 2nd July: Sports Day

Friday 5th July: Year 4 class assembly

Monday 15th July: reports signing for parents

Thursday 18th July: brass concert

Friday 19th July: last day of term

Summer 1

This term we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians!  In this fascinating historical topic we will discover more about Ancient Egyptian everyday life, gods and religious beliefs, mummification and key events.  We will discover how we know so much about this important ancient civilisation, taking on the role of archaeologists, ancient priests and pharaohs in our writing to create letters, recounts, instruction texts and reports.  We will explore Ancient Egyptian styles in our art lessons too.

In maths, we will continue to study fractions and how they relate to decimals, as well as taking our geometrical knowledge further by studying features of 2D shapes.

Our science focus will be the human body (specifically the digestive system).  Healthy bodies and staying safe online will be taught too, as well as animation in computing lessons.  Athletics is our new topic in PE (in preparation for Sports Day in July!) as well as swimming for the first half of the term.

In RE we will continue learning about important festivals and places in Christianity (including a trip to Westminster Abbey in May) as well as having an introduction to Buddhist beliefs and practices.

Important dates for Year 4 in Summer 1

Friday 10th May: Spring Fair

Friday 24th May: Year 4 trip to Westminster Abbey


This half term, we have three weeks of focusing on science, then we get started on our Shakespeare project!  We will study the characters, themes and plot of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in preparation for our own production of the play (together with Year 3) after half-term.  We will also hone our map reading skills in Geography by studying Greece and the area around Athens, the setting of the play.

In Maths, we will consolidate our understanding of multiplication and division, working hard to understand the concepts behind all four operations.  This will help us when we then get to grips with fractions and decimals!

In Science, we will study electricity, sound and living things.

In Art, we will be creating musical instruments before starting some mixed-media work to support our Shakespeare topic.

In RE, we will be learning about the ways in which Muslims show commitment to God.

Important dates for Year 4 in Spring 1

Monday 28th January: trip to Shakespeare’s Globe

Wednesday 6th February: KS2 maths morning


This half term, Year 4’s topic is The Romans. We will be reading lots of Roman myths and writing our own versions inspired by the gods and goddesses we have been learning about. In history, we will learn about the spread of the Roman Empire and life in Roman Britain.

In Maths, we will revise our understanding of place value, building on the 3-digit numbers we worked on in Year 3 to learn about 4-digit numbers. We will represent 4-digit numbers in different ways, partition them, order and compare them. We will also practise key skills such as rounding to the nearest 10 and 100 and learn Roman Numerals. We will also develop our understanding of addition and subtraction, both mental and written methods.

In Science, our focus will be ‘Animals including Humans’ and we will be learning about the digestive system, teeth and food chains.

In Art, we will be creating abstract pieces of art using simple shapes and lines, inspired by the work of Sonia Delaunay.

In RE, we will be learning about the miracles Jesus performed when he was alive and what they mean for Christians today.

Important dates for Year 4 in Autumn 1

Friday 21st September: Year 4 Class Assembly (2.40pm in the Church Hall)