Welcome to Year 5! We have a busy but exciting year ahead of us as we enter into our final years of KS2 at Holy Trinity and S. Silas. We will focus on a variety of different topics throughout the year including Ancient Greece, Shakespeare and also celebrating Black History Month. We will be attending class trips and performances to enhance our learning and we will continue to work with Human Utopia to develop our role as Hero Buddies.

Year 5 Team

Miss Hegarty- Class teacher

Miss Clayton- Teaching assistant


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Homework sent out for the week ahead

Spring 1

This term, our whole school topic is on Shakespeare’s ‘ A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. This theme will be taught through the areas of writing,  history, geography and the arts. Preparation and learning of the script for the production will begin in week 4.

In Maths we will  be learning how to measure the perimeter and area of different shapes and understanding how we use  fractions, decimals and percentages in real life contexts. We will continue to build on our knowledge of multiplication and division from last term. We will keep developing our fluency of mental strategies, as well as problem solving and reasoning skills.

In science our topic is on forces. We will learn about forces acting on objects, the effects of gravity on unsupported objects as well as the effects of air and water resistance .

In RE we will be learning about Christianity, with the particular focus of liturgy. We will focus on the different elements of a Eucharistic liturgy and begin to understand the ways that participation in such liturgies helps different people to build their relationship with God.

Important dates for Year 5 in Spring 1

Year 5 Assembly – Friday 8th February


Autumn 1

This half term, Year 5’s will be learning about Ancient Greece. We will be reading many Greek myths and using the drama sessions as a stimulus to inspire our writing about the gods and goddesses. We will also develop our skills of using an atlas to locate modern-day Greece and learn how to draw maps using keys and symbols.

In Maths, we will be revising our understanding of place value and building on our knowledge of 4-digit numbers learnt in Year 4 to progress to 5 digit numbers. We will learn to read, write and partition 5-digit numbers in different ways and apply this understanding to real life contexts. We will also practice rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000. We will develop our reasoning and problem solving skills and continue to use different mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction.

In Science, our topic is ‘Living Things and their Habitats.’ We will be comparing the life cycles of different animal groups and identifying the ways some plants and animals reproduce.

In RE, we are learning about Hinduism. We will learn about the different beliefs and symbols associated with Hinduism and will compare these elements to other faiths. We will have opportunities to make links from this unit to our own lives.

Important dates for Year 5 in Autumn 1

Wednesday 26th September: Trip to Westminster Abbey

Friday 2nd November: Y5 class assembly