Welcome to Year 5! We have a busy but exciting year ahead of us as we enter into our final years of KS2 at Holy Trinity and S. Silas. We will focus on a variety of different topics throughout the year including Ancient Greece, Shakespeare and also celebrating Black History Month. We will be attending class trips and performances to enhance our learning and we will continue to work with Human Utopia to develop our role as Hero Buddies.

Year 5 Team

Class teacher: Miss Glassenbury

Teaching assistant: Ms Hall


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Times tables challenge Homework sent out for the week ahead


This half term, our Year 5 pupils are learning about Ancient Greece. Through the construction of a non-chronological report children will be learning about several aspects of the Ancient Greek culture. In our narrative unit, students will explore the religious beliefs of the Ancient Greeks with their many gods/goddesses and magical myths. Towards the end of the term we will be celebrating Black History Month with a variety of learning opportunities.

In Maths, we will be covering the following concepts:
– number and place value within 1,000,000;
– adding and subtracting whole numbers including the inverse operation;
– creating, reading and interpreting graphs and timetables.

Our topic is ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ for Science. We will be comparing the life cycles of different animal groups and identifying the ways some plants and animals reproduce. In Computing pupils will be learning how to create formulae in spreadsheets for different purposes.

We are learning about Hinduism in RE. We will find out about the different beliefs and symbols associated with Hinduism and will compare these elements to other faiths.

Netball will be the main focus of PE, whilst in Art children will be mastering their drawing and painting skills through the creation of portraits.

Important dates for Year 5 in Autumn

Friday 1st November: Y5 class assembly

Spring 1

This half term, our school is kicking off with a Geography focus for the initial two weeks. In year 5, we will be learning about our topic of mountain ranges through a construction of an explanation text, explaining how different types of mountains are formed. We will also create persuasive leaflets detailing whether humans should or should not visit mountain ranges with evidence of the social, economic and environmental impacts we can have.

We follow this with a focus on chemistry in Science week and for the term. We will look at different materials and mixtures and experiment types of changes. In year 5 we are lucky enough to attend the Crick Institute for a day of learning in their Discovery Lab.

To round off our term we will begin to study and respond to our Shakespeare play for this half term, The Tempest. We will also begin preparations with our choreographer for next half term’s production.

In Maths, we will be covering the following concepts;
– multiplying by 2-digit numbers and dividing by 1-digit with and without remainders
– improper, mixed and equivalent fractions
– adding and subtracting fractions

Our topic for ICT is Game Creating where students will be able to learn how they can create their own online simulation game.

We are learning about the importance of liturgy to Christians and explore what it means for some people to be Christian. Children will reflect on their own beliefs of what liturgy means to them.

Gymnastics will be the main focus of PE, whilst in Art children will be mastering their skills through learning to add perspective and depth to their artwork.

Important dates for Year 5 in Spring 1

Friday 24th January: Francis Crick Institute Discovery Lab Day

Thursday 5th March: Year 5 Class Assembly – World Book Day

Spring 2

We are all set for a very busy half term in year 5. We will be fitting in lots of learning between our class assembly, brain buddies program and dance rehearsals for our Shakespeare production.

In Writing, we will be continuing to respond to our whole school text of ‘The Tempest’. We will create rhyming poems that will reflect the spell that Prospero might have said as he conjured the Tempest. Integrated with a history focus we will also be creating a newspaper report set in Shakespearean time and look into the arts and culture of Shakespearean Britain.

In Maths, we will be covering the following concepts;
– adding and subtracting fractions
– multiplying fractions
– representing fractions as decimals and percentages

We will continue our topic for ICT on Game Creating where students will be able to learn how they can create their own online simulation game.

Our RE focus is about how Christians celebrate Easter and what services are conducted on Good Friday and Easter Saturday.

Hockey will be the main focus of PE, whilst in Art children will design and create clay models.

Important dates for Year 5 in Spring 2

Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th March: Parents Evenings

Thursday 5th March: World Book Day – Year 5 Class Assembly

Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th March 7pm – Shakespeare Production – The Tempest

Friday 3rd April – Last day of term – finish at 1:30pm

Summer 1

Welcome to a new half term with a very different look. Well done to both children and parents for adapting so well to our home learning. I’ve been so impressed with your organisation and work you have been producing. Keep up the brilliant work this half term.

We have some very exciting topics we will be covering in the next 5 weeks. From our History lessons, learning about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons in Britain to studying different materials and their purposes in Science.

In Writing, we will be studying extracts from exciting stories and responding to the narrative in different ways.

In Maths, we will be covering the following concepts;
– representing fractions as decimals and percentages
– adding and subtracting decimals
– geometry – finding angles

We will learn how to make 3D models on an electronic device using the wonderful purple mash platform in our computing lessons. Whilst our RE focus is understanding different faiths in the Camden community.