Welcome to Year 5! We have a busy but exciting year ahead of us as we enter into our final years of KS2 at Holy Trinity and S. Silas. We will focus on a variety of different topics throughout the year including Anglo-Saxons and Scots, Shakespeare and also celebrating Black History Month. We will be attending class trips and performances to enhance our learning and we will continue to work with Humanutopia to develop our role as Hero Buddies.

Please look at our class blog for updates, including our autumn term assembly!

Year 5 Team

Class teacher: Miss Wainer

Teaching assistant: Mrs Hough


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Autumn 1

This half term, our Year 5 pupils are learning about Anglo-Saxons, Scots and Vikings. We will be reading the story Beowulf to support this learning, creating our own monster narratives and monsterology reports. In history, we will be  debating the legacy of the Anglo-Saxons, Scots and Vikings, and practising creating balanced arguments to support this. During our Black History Month focus in the last fortnight, we will be using our narrative unit to explore the life of Harriet Tubman.

In maths, we will be covering the following concepts:
– number and place value within 1,000,000;
– adding and subtracting whole numbers including the inverse operation;
– creating, reading and interpreting graphs and timetables.

Our science topic is materials. We will be exploring thermal conductors and insulators, evaporation, filtration and different purposes for materials.

We are learning about Sikhism in RE. We will be learning about how the first five Sikh Gurus shaped Sikhism.

Netball will be the main focus of PE, whilst in art children will be mastering their drawing and painting skills through the creation of portraits, as well as studying the work of African and Caribbean artists during Black History Month.