Welcome to Year 1’s homepage! This year is full of amazing opportunities and learning for Year 1. We will developing and growing our love for learning and building important relationships and skills through trips, workshops and hands-on lessons. This year we will focus on a few main topics across the year, such as the ‘History of Camden Market’ and our soon-to-be-announced Shakespeare text. We will also celebrate Black History Month in October, and later on in the year, the Global Goals.

You can keep up with what Year 1 are doing through our class blog and our home learning that is sent home every week. We are always happy to hear from you and find out what you think!

Year One Team!

Class teacher: Miss Sun

Teaching assistants: Miss Sandzi, Mrs Kabir and Ms Ricketts


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Summer 1

Year 1 will be learning about and experiencing all things green and bountiful this term in our plants topic for science. In history we will be learning about the history of toys and will be able to interact with artefacts and objects from the past. Our class texts this half term are also all about toys; we will be meeting a toy action hero in Traction Man is Here! and will be coming to terms with losing a beloved soft toy in Dogger. 

We will be building on our learning of the Zones of Regulation in PSHE and will be learning about Islam in RE. In art we will be making our own pop-up books, once again based on the theme of toys.

Spring 2

This term we have been taken over by Macbeth! In preparation for our performances later on this term, we will be retelling a part of the play and will be writing letters and invitations in role. In art, we will be creating artwork through different printing techniques as well as creating pieces for the Shakespeare exhibition. Our history topic will also be linked to Shakespeare, and we will be exploring the different types of clothing that people wore in the Shakespearean period.

This term for RE, we will learning about the Easter story and the importance of the Last Supper before the final week of term, when the whole school will hopefully meet for a final assembly before the Easter holidays.

Spring 1

Year 1 will be retelling a familiar fairytale this term: The Three Little Pigs. We will be role-playing and acting out the story before becoming master storytellers and writing our own versions of the beloved tale. Tying in nicely to our class story, Year 1 will be learning about different materials in science and designing our own houses for the pigs. We will be investigating and exploring different properties of materials around us to see which material may be the best for stopping a hungry wolf!

In RE in term, Year 1 will be learning about Judaism and answering the question: ‘What is it like to live as a Jewish person?’ We will be able to hear first-hand about some of the events and routines of Jewish people to help us answer this question. We will also be able to celebrate Chinese New Year later on this term and find out what people may do during this festival. In geography we find out facts about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Autumn Term 2

This term, Year 1 will be visited by a mysterious alien called Beegu in our class text for this term. Later, we will help a little lost penguin in Lost and Found, and write our own fact files about penguins. In geography we are learning about and exploring our local area, and in science, we will be exploring the local wildlife in the form of minibeasts! For maths we are building on our addition and subtraction skills and will be learning about the different 2D and 3D shapes that we come across in our daily lives.

Rather fittingly we will also start thinking about the Christmas story and preparing for our Nativity performances this term. In RE we will be thinking about the roles of the different characters in the Nativity story, and Year 1 will be getting stuck into our rehearsals very soon!

Autumn Term 1

This term, Year 1’s topic is ‘the History of Camden Market’. We will be visiting the market and using our detective skills to find clues about what the market used to be like. In drama we will throw ourselves back in time to imagine what life might have been like in the past, and understand what Camden Market must have been like with the stables and the horse hospital.

Our class texts this term encourage lots of imaginative retelling. We will be reading The Queen’s Hat and The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We will also look at some traditional African tales for Black History month.

In Maths, we will be revisiting our number facts – counting up to 10 and working with numbers from 0-10 to build a more solid understanding of place value, addition and subtraction. We will be trying to use our reasoning skills to explain what we have found.

In Science, we will be looking at features of the human body and getting to grips with our senses! In Art, we will work on developing our drawing and mark-making skills, as well as looking at the work of artist Frank Bowling for Black History month.

In RE, we will learn about the Christian/Jewish creation story and learn to share and explain our beliefs as well as understand that Christians believe that God created the world in seven days.