Welcome to Year 1’s homepage! This year is full of amazing opportunities and learning for Year 1. We will developing and growing our love for learning and building important relationships and skills through trips, workshops and hands-on lessons. This year we will focus on a few main topics across the year, such as ‘History of Camden Market’ and ‘Shakespeare’. We will also celebrate Black History Month and the Global Goals.

You can keep up with what Year 1 are doing through our class blog and our home learning that is sent home every week. We are always happy to hear from you and find out what you think!

Year One Team!

Class teacher: Miss Sun

Teaching assistants: Mrs Gashi & Miss Sandzi


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Reading Records to be returned to school. Parent/carer to write a comment in the log book. Arrive in PE kit and stay in it all day

Reading Records to be returned to school.

Homework due in.

Reading Records to be returned to school. Parent/carer to write a comment in the log book.

Homework to be sent out for the week ahead.

Summer 2

We have reached the final half term of this school year! Well done to everyone for their hard work and making it this far. This term we have lots to look forward to! We are learning about ‘Romeo and Juliet’ this half term in our writing, which will culminate in a fantastic performance near the end of the term. We’ve been rehearsing hard every day!

In maths, we are finishing off our learning of addition and subtraction, as well as learning about different types of 2D and 3D shapes. Our history topic this term is also linked to Shakespeare, as we will be thinking about what people looked like in Shakespearean London.

Summer 1

We are so excited to be back at school for the Summer term. This half term, we are learning about the British Seaside in Geography, and contrasting this with the distant Australian desert. Year 1 will be learning about plants in Science and exploring what their features are, and what they need to grow.

For Maths this term we will be working on building strong foundations in key concepts in Year 1, such as number facts and addition and subtraction. In Writing we are first reading and retelling the classic story, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. Later on this term, we will be learning about our Global Goals and also our Shakespeare play – Romeo and Juliet!

Spring 2

Welcome back to all parents and grownups of Year 1! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and perseverance over home learning – you have made this experience infinitely better through your support. We are looking forward to some fantastic learning for the rest of this term!

For the next few weeks, we will be basing our writing around a new book, ‘Grandad’s Island’, and for our History topic, we will be investigating the history of toys.

Autumn Term 2

This half term, Year 1 will be learning about Geography and our local area. In Writing, we will be exploring different fairy tales – both traditional and from other cultures! We will have a class assembly early in the term retelling one of our favourite fairy tales, so make sure to look out for this.

Later this half term we will be thinking about Christmas and the Nativity Story. We’re all looking forward to taking part.

In Maths we will be continuing the work that we have started in the previous term, and will be making sure that we are confident in our number facts and working with numbers. In Science, we will be looking at materials and what their different properties are – is it magnetic? Will it float or sink? Is it waterproof? We will also be learning about the features of the different seasons, and will vote on which is our favourite!

In Art we will be creating art from natural materials that we can find around us, such as leaves and twigs. We will be able to work on our observation skills and our cutting skills too.

In RE, we will learn more about God’s rules for living and in the latter part of the term, we will be learning about the Nativity story in more detail.

Autumn Term 1

This term, Year 1’s topic is ‘the History of Camden Market’. We will be visiting the market and using our detective skills to find clues about what the market used to be like. In our drama we will throw ourselves back in time to imagine what life might have been like in the past, and understand what Camden Market must have been like with the stables and the horse hospital. We will be using Camden as inspiration for our writing lessons, as well as our class book for this half term, Katie in London.  For the last two weeks of the half term, we will be celebrating Black History Month!  We will learn about Mary Seacole and the contribution she made to the development of modern nursing, as well as taking part in the whole-school art focus celebrating the work of African and Caribbean artists.

In Maths, we will be revisiting our number facts – counting up to 100 and working with numbers from 0-30 to build a more solid understanding of place value, addition, subtraction, measurement and shape. We will be trying to use our reasoning skills to explain what we have found.

In Science, we will be looking at animals and finding out more about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. We will also be looking at the different characteristics of different animals and work on building our classification skills to identify mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish.

In Art, we will study the self-portraits of different artists, such as Pablo Picasso, and create our own. We will be using a range of different techniques including sketching and collage.

In RE, we will learn about the Christian/Jewish creation story and learn to share and explain our beliefs as well as understand that Christians believe that God created the world in seven days.