Welcome to Year 3! Year 3 is a very exciting year in which the children grow their independence as Juniors through in-class learning and at home. We have lots of interesting topics that we will be looking at this year, including The Railways, the Stone Age, Shakespeare, plus Black History Month and Global Goals.

Please remember to sign your child’s reading record at least three times a week to show that they are reading at home.

Year 3 Team

Miss Wainer (Class Teacher) and Mrs McQueen (Teaching Assistant)


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Summer 2

The second half of this term we will be exploring our whole school project of the Global Goals. This is an exciting topic that allows Year 3 to learn all about the United Nations 17 Goals to achieve by 2030. In particular, Year 3 will be focusing on Sustainable Cities and Communities. We will be thinking practically about what this means for us in our local area, and how we can make our communities sustainable. We will be pairing this with our work on The Promise, which is a story all about a girl’s mission to bring joy to her world. We will be exploring this story with newspaper articles, script writing, poetry and more. In Science we will be learning about all about animals, including humans. We will be exploring what our skeleton does, why we need muscles, and how we are different to plants.

In Maths we will be working on angles, mass and capacity, statistics and length.

In RE we will be finishing our work on Islam, and then exploring Jesus and our Christian faith.

In Character and Wellbeing we will be exploring Service, Helpfulness and Thankfulness.

This half term in PE we will also be going swimming on Wednesdays.

Summer 1

This half term we will be using our Archaeology brains to explore our new topic, the Stone Age. We will be looking at historical evidence and learning about how our prehistoric ancestors used to live in Britain. We will write diary entries, and using our class text, Stone Age Boy, we will plan, write and publish our own Stone Age stories! In Science we will be exploring Rocks and Soils, looking at how rocks are formed and experimenting with different scientific processes in the classroom.

In Maths we will be exploring Fractions, Time, Length, Statistics and Angles.

In Art we will be making Stone Age paintings.

In RE we will be exploring Islam.

In Character and Wellbeing we will be thinking about Caring.

Important dates for Year 3 this Summer:

Confirmation Mass: Friday 7th June 11 AM

Year 3 Pilgrimage to St Pauls: Monday 10th June

Class Assembly: Friday 14th June


This first half term Year 3 will be exploring all about our Science topic: Plants! We will be investigating everything that plants need in order to grow, and will be experimenting with this in the classroom. Using our scientific knowledge we will be becoming scientists and publishing some of our knowledge in newspaper articles and reports. We will be thinking about plants in nature as well, and experimenting with writing some poetry inspired by the nature around us!

We will then be starting our work on our Shakespeare play of the year, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Year 3 and Year 4 will be collaborating next half term on a production together, so we will first be exploring the play through drama, art and music. We will be drawing maps of Ancient Athens, making recipes for love potions and instructions for mischievous spells that we can use in our acting. We will also be writing play scripts and acting as news reporters reporting the missing Athenians.

In Maths we will be learning about multiplication and money.

In Art we will be exploring a project of making mistakes into beautiful artwork.

In RE we will be learning about the books of the Bible and where they came from.

In Character and Wellbeing we will be exploring the theme of courage.

Important dates for Year 3 this Spring:

Class Assembly: Friday 2nd February 2019

Class Trip to Shakespeare’s Globe: Tuesday 12th February 2019


This first half term we will be learning about The Railways, particularly around us in Camden. We will be learning about the history of the railways all over the country and how it affected the people in our local area. We will be reading the book, The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson, and thinking about how we could write our own stories using the setting of a train station.

In Maths, we will revise what we learnt in KS1 about place value and build on this with 3-digit numbers. We will learn how to represent 3-digit numbers in many different ways, and how to partition, order and compare them. We will also practice our mental and written skills in rounding, addition, subtraction with up to 3-digit numbers, and will be building on our knowledge of multiplication.

In Science, we will be focusing on Magnets and Forces. We will be comparing this to what we are learning about trains, and we will also learn about other uses for Magnets in the world.

In Art, we will be creating collages with Miss Perriton looking at the work of Hannah Hoch and the Dada movement.

In RE, we will be learning all about Buddhism, the stories and questions about life. We will be reflecting on how we can learn from these values.

Important dates for Year 3 this Autumn 1:

Art Trip with Miss Perriton: Wednesday 3rd October

Class Assembly: Friday 12th October