Welcome to the Year 6 homepage. Year 6 is one of the most exciting years and we have a lot to look forward to. In this final year, we will be working hard together to get ourselves ready for the transition to secondary school. Alongside all the hard work, we can also look forward to the Christmas production, Shakespeare and school journey!

Please enjoy looking at our class blog!

The Year 6 Team

Mr Martisius, Ms Clayton  


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Spelling & times tables quiz

Reading folders to be brought in daily. Please ensure that your child reads at home every night.

Reading records to be checked

Reading folders to be brought in daily. Please ensure that your child reads at home every night. Reading folders to be brought in daily. Please ensure that your child reads at home every night.

Reading records to be checked

Reading folders to be brought in daily. Please ensure that your child reads at home every night. Reading folders to be brought in daily. Please ensure that your child reads at home every night.

Reading records to be checked

Summer 1

Exciting Learning Ahead!

We have a thrilling journey of learning planned for this summer term! Here’s a glimpse into what we’ll be exploring:

Writing: We’ll kick off by completing our information text on adaptation, delving deep into the fascinating world of how living things evolve to survive. Then, we’ll dive into the captivating mystery of “High Rise Mysteries” to hone our skills in crafting dialogue within a narrative setting, letting our imaginations run wild as we unravel the plot. Our writing adventure doesn’t stop there! We’ll put our investigative hats on and craft compelling news reports about a crime, sharpening our journalistic skills along the way.

Mathematics: Get ready to become masters of measurement! We’ll start with exploring the concepts of area, perimeter, and volume, unlocking the secrets of shapes and space. Next up, we’ll delve into the world of statistics, deciphering data to uncover meaningful insights that shape our understanding of the world around us. And to top it off, we’ll embark on a journey through the realm of shapes, separating their mysteries and discovering their hidden properties.

Geography: Brace yourselves as we tackle the global challenges looming in our future. From climate change to sustainability, we’ll explore the issues that shape our world and brainstorm solutions to make a difference.

Science: Let there be light! We’ll shed light on the fascinating theory of light, unravelling its mysteries and discovering how it shapes our world in ways we never imagined.

Design and Technology: Get ready to unleash your creativity in design and technology! We’ll embark on an exciting journey where we’ll research, design, and create innovative solutions to real-world problems. From following design plans to constructing prototypes using a variety of materials, we’ll put our skills to the test and evaluate our creations, making improvements along the way.

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure of learning and discovery this summer term! Together, we’ll explore new horizons, uncover hidden treasures of knowledge, and unleash the full potential of our curiosity and creativity. Let’s make this term one to remember!

Spring 2

We are very excited to be half way through the year. We will be writing stories, flashback narratives, poetry about the ‘about evolution and inheritance’, and non-chronological reports about how different species evolve and adapt over time. In reading, we will continue to deep dive into our text – High Rise Mystery –  using the brilliant Destination Reading.

In maths, we will be focusing on algebra, ratio and measurement. We will write expressions and formulae, and will eventually be solving problems with unknown values. In our ratio unit of learning, we will be describing and finding ratio, calculating scale factors, and solving proportion problems. Finally, we will become experts at converting units of measurement and solving measurement problems.

In history, we look forward to exploring the context of post-war Britain and learn about the social, political and cultural movements of that time period.

In science, we are developing a great understanding of evolution and inheritance. We will look at different species and explore how they have adapted over time or even disappeared due to natural selection.

In RE, we will be closely exploring the Easter story, unpacking the significance of key concepts such as redemption, forgiveness, repentance and hope.

In art, we will continue to build on the incredible progress we made with our work on 3D sculptures in Spring 1.

Spring 1

This half term, lots of our learning will be linked to our Big Question in geography: Are we damaging our world? Our reading and writing will be inspired by the book Floodland, and we will be writing effective, dramatic setting descriptions; creating advertisements about the effects of climate change.

In maths, we will be finishing off our focus on fractions before exploring decimals and percentages. Building on our understanding of fractions from last term, we will be showing fractions as decimals/percentages and finding percentages of amounts. We will then move to a focus on algebra!

In geography, we will be learning about the current state of our planet, will explore how we can conserve some of our most precious resources such as minerals, and will learn about the importance of taking care of our oceans and using renewable energy.

We will begin a new focus in science this half term: electricity! We will be building on our knowledge from Year 4 to understand how components in circuits function and how changing components, for example adding more bulbs, can affect how these components work.

In RE, we will be learning about what it means to be a Buddhist. We look forward to exploring the significance of key concepts such as suffering for Buddhist believers and learning about important beliefs and teachings such as the noble eight-fold path.

In D&T, we will begin a new unit on board games which will be linked to our geography topic.

Autumn 2

This half term, our learning will be guided by our Big Question in geography: What was life like in the amazon?

In reading we will take a deep dive into Malorie Blackman’s Hacker and develop our oracy and comprehension. In writing, we will explore David Long’s Survivors. This brilliant text will inspire us to write a range of pieces for a range of audiences and purposes. We will be writing narratives to entertain, survival guides to inform and poetry engage our readers.

In maths, we will be moving on from addition, subtraction, multiplication and focusing on division before we start our new unit on the order of operations. Then We will be exploring different representations of fractions, ordering and comparing them, before finding equivalent and simplifying fractions. We will then deepen our understanding by using the four operations with fractions and finding fractions of amounts.

Our geography focus will see us delving into the changes South America has seen and the changes that may take place in the future. We will develop our geographical skills by using compass points and maps at a range of scales.

In our science learning this half term, we will be understanding the human circulatory system and the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood. We will end the term by exploring the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function.

This half term in RE, we will be learning about the importance of Remembrance Day within Christianity, exploring its significance and symbolism. We will then be exploring how Christmas is advertised, thinking carefully about how and whether this aligns with Christian views on the true message of Christmas. We will apply our understanding by creating our own Christmas advert at the end of term.

In art, we will be exploring cubism and the work of Pablo Picasso.

Autumn 1

Year 6 are starting the year by learning about the effects of World War 2 on Britain as part of our whole-school local history focus. To enrich our understanding of what it was like to be a child during World War 2, we will be reading Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo as a class, which we will use to inspire our writing. During the autumn term, we will be writing non-chronological reports, recounts, diary entries, balanced arguments and biographies based on the our chosen core texts and also linking to Black History Month, when we will explore the experiences of black and minority ethnic people in South Africa during Apartheid.

In maths, we will consolidate our understanding of place value and learn how this helps us to read, write and compare large whole numbers and decimal numbers.  We will learn how to partition and combine numbers in different ways, which will expand our repertoire of calculation methods. We will further develop our understanding and build our skills in using the four operations to solve problems.

In science, our focus is ‘living thing and their habitats’. We will be learning about the variation of habitats and the traits animals have specific to their environment. In RE, we will be learning about ‘the journey of life and death from the perspective of a Christian’. We will be looking at the Rites of passage, events and transitional times in a Christians life.