Drama is central to life and learning at Holy Trinity and Silas. On this page you will find a selection of games, stories and call and response chants that you can use at home. Children will be familiar with many of these, though I will try to add in some new ones from time to time!

New News. Monday May 4th

As you will remember, if you checked here last week, the winner of my Year 4 Story Challenge was Everett – with Asha a very well deserved runner-up. If you look below under Stories you will now find, as well as Everett’s version of the end, the original ending, for you to compare and contrast. I hope you enjoy them both!

Important Note: Monday April 27th

From this week on, I will be posting less here, and supplying more activities for class teachers on Purple Mash. Most weeks, children will find drama activities there that have been specifically created to help them with the learning that teachers have set for them. Later this week, though, look out here for the Y4 winner of my Story Challenge! I will announce this on Thursday April 30th.

Hello and Welcome!

Monday March 23rd

A new warm up and a word about The Primary Shakespeare Company.

April 19th.This week, I’ve recorded a special warm-up based around characters from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

However –it’s not here… it’s at this location: https://www.primaryshakespearecompany.org/tempest-2020-online

Just to let you know: this works on laptops, desktops and tablets, but not on mobiles.

This is The Primary Shakespeare Company(PSC)’s website. The PSC is a charity that we set up back in 2009 to share the arts-centred approach to learning that we have at HTSS with other schools. This summer, we were due to run performance projects with over 50 mainstream primary schools, and four schools for children with Special Needs. Over the Easter Holidays, we’ve been busy creating an online resource which is now open to everyone – please feel free to use it – and share it! You’ll need to sign up when you first use it – but this is only so that the charity can report to funders how many people use the site. It’s totally free.

If you click on Part 1: Prospero’s Library, and then scroll down, you’ll find two short films under ‘Daily Tempest Dance Warm-up’. Feel free to send in a film of you(and your family) doing this to tempestonline2020@mail.com

Competition Winners!

Monday April 6th. Thank you to all the children in Year 3 who sent me stories. I LOVED reading them and the standard was very high. This announcement is late because I had such a hard time choosing between them! I have, at last decided on a winner and that winner is….. (drum roll please)…. Freya. Many congratulations, Freya. Joint runners up were Darcy and Georgia, and George’s entry is highly commended. Here’s a video of me reading Freya’s thrilling story:


Monday March 30th

This call-and-response game is great at the start of the day. It’s even better if everyone at home joins in!

Monday March 30th

X Marks the spot is a storytelling exercise that was taught to me by Jan Blake, one of Britain’s best storytellers. You can find out more about her at https://thechildrensbookshow.com/artists/jan-blake. This activity is probably most suitable for Y3 upwards – but there’s no age limit, and younger ones may also enjoy it.

Hey Mr Miller Wednesday March 25th

Here’s another call-and-response chant that will get voices and bodies moving and is also suitable for all ages. The Mr Miller in the title is Glen Miller, who was a famous band leader in the 1930s and 1940s. If you want to cheer yourself up even more, listen to some of his greatest hits, like ‘Chattanooga Choo-Choo’ or ‘In the Mood’!

Once you’ve learnt how to play this game, try substituting other animals or beings for Alien, Tiger and Cow. Try and invent a version based on the characters in The Tempest: Prospero, Caliban and Ariel, for example. Let me, or your class teacher know via Purple Mash if you managed it.

Though it says that this game is for 3, 4, 5 and 6, younger children may well enjoy this game too. Challenge yourself to get faster and faster without making a mistake. Could you extend this game so that it became 1-10? What move would you do on 9?


A Challenge for Year 4!

Below, as well as the long-promised third part of Red Jacket, you’ll find the first part of a Scottish Story called ‘Blue Cap’. I am challenging Year 4 to come up with the second part of this story! Please send these to me by Friday April 24th. The following week I will record both the original ending, and the best alternative from Year 4.

Blue Cap part 2: Everett’s tale!

As it says above, this is part 1. Part 2 will be here on Wednesday April 1st.

…..and, as promised, here it is. The third and final part will arrive next week!