In the spirit of embracing diverse cultures and celebrating the beauty of Black history and heritage, we organized a captivating steel pan workshop. The steel pan, a musical instrument born in Trinidad and Tobago, carries a fascinating history that has captivated year 6. Originally fashioned from discarded oil drums, steel pans are known for their melodious tones and captivating rhythms.

During the workshop, we were introduced to the origins and evolution of steel pan music. We learned about its role in the Afro-Caribbean culture and how it has become an emblem of pride and identity. We had the incredible opportunity to witness the skill and artistry of the instructors as they played traditional tunes and contemporary songs on the steel pan. The music filled the air with a sense of joy and cultural richness.

For many of us, this was a rare opportunity to try our hands at playing the steel pan. The experience was both humbling and exhilarating, as we discovered the intricate skill required to produce harmonious melodies on the instrument. We attempted to recreate contemporary songs, uniting us through the universal language of music.