After lunch today, we were given yellow and green paper and asked to draw as many squares as we could in 5 minutes. We were confused (and, rightly, a little frustrated) to hear Miss Robey awarding points unfairly and giving much more glowing praise about some children’s work compared with others. Eventually, we spotted a pattern: the children with yellow paper were being favoured over the children with green paper. This got us thinking about inequality as a whole, which warmed us up to zoom in on gender equality, the Global Goal we are focusing on as a class.

We discussed the ways in which there are different rules or standards for boys and girls, raising thoughtful points such as the damage of sayings like ‘boys don’t cry’ and the pressure many female celebrities face due to others focusing unfairly on their appearance. We were then fascinated to investigate sources of evidence on gender equality, from maps to surveys, drawing conclusions from what we noticed. We found that while there has been much improvement, there is still much work to be done. We will enjoy building on this when we write speeches tomorrow!