This half term, our learning will be guided by our Big Question in geography: What was life like in the amazon?

In reading we will take a deep dive into Malorie Blackman’s Hacker and develop our oracy and comprehension. In writing, we will explore David Long’s Survivors. This brilliant text will inspire us to write a range of pieces for a range of audiences and purposes. We will be writing narratives to entertain, survival guides to inform and poetry engage our readers.

In maths, we will be moving on from addition, subtraction, multiplication and focusing on division before we start our new unit on the order of operations. Then We will be exploring different representations of fractions, ordering and comparing them, before finding equivalent and simplifying fractions. We will then deepen our understanding by using the four operations with fractions and finding fractions of amounts.

Our geography focus will see us delving into the changes South America has seen and the changes that may take place in the future. We will develop our geographical skills by using compass points and maps at a range of scales.

In our science learning this half term, we will be understanding the human circulatory system and the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood. We will end the term by exploring the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function.

This half term in RE, we will be learning about the importance of Remembrance Day within Christianity, exploring its significance and symbolism. We will then be exploring how Christmas is advertised, thinking carefully about how and whether this aligns with Christian views on the true message of Christmas. We will apply our understanding by creating our own Christmas advert at the end of term.

In art, we will be exploring cubism and the work of Pablo Picasso.