I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

Thomas Edison

The children had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day this week! There were a great many very impressive costumes, and some amazing dance moves in the book-themed workshops! Thank you for your kind donations, which will be sent to the charity Book Aid International.

Sporting News

We were delighted to hear that our Y5/6 boys’ and girls’ football teams won a very special trophy this season – The Fair Play Award. This is unrelated to the results of matches; instead it is purely based on exemplary behaviour and sportsmanship of the children throughout the league season. Both the boys’ and the girls’ teams have earned this collectively, and we feel so proud that they showed such care, courage and co-operation to each other and towards competing teams, whether in victory or defeat.

Parent Portal

We are re-launching the parent portal. In preparation, we are asking you to ensure that you update your RM Parent Portal App in your relevant app store. Updating the app will clear any previous issues and that you become active again by logging back into your Parent Portal App. If you have forgotten your password follow the reset link on the log-in page.

From Wednesday 15th March onwards you will no longer receive messages via Parentpay unless they are related to payment items. We will be messaging you about all other school matters via the RM Parent Portal.

Should you need any assistance with this, please e-mail l.stenmark@holytrinitynw1.camden.sch.uk or ring the school office.

Save the Date – Pip Art Frieze

Christian Value of Forgiveness

While he was still a long way off, his father saw him and his heart was filled with pity. “Father,” the son said, “I have sinned against God and against you. I am no longer fit to be called your son.” But the father said, “Let us celebrate with a feast, for this son of mine was dead but now he is alive; he was lost but he has been found.”

Luke 15:20, 23-4

The parable of the prodigal son tells us how God the Father receives us back when we change our hearts and come back to him. It is just as if the wrong had never existed. However, that is how he asks us to imitate him – by forgiving others as if the wrong had never existed. This can be very challenging, but if we truly open our hearts to him, he gives us all the love we need to follow his example and forgive others.

Attendance and Punctuality

This week our attendance is again an impressive 97%. Well done! Let’s keep it up for next week!

Early Birds

Infants: Year 1 Juniors: Year 6

Attendance Bears

Infants: Reception with 99% Juniors: Year 3 with 98%

Assembly Timetable – Church hall at 2.55pm

Friday 10th MarchY5
Friday 17th MarchY4
Friday 24th MarchReception
Friday 31st MarchNo assembly – last day of term

Community Activities/Events

Free Counselling Service for Parents

We highly recommend the free counselling service for parents through Camden. You can find out more and register your interest via this leaflet.

CAMHS Open Minded Webinars

The school also recommends the “Open Minded” webinars. Find our more by clicking here.

Camden Music Service

From Y1 onwards, you can sign your child up to learn an instrument in school. For more information and to download the Camden Music Service application form, please click here.

Term dates for 2022 – 2023

First day of autumn term Monday 5th September
Half termMonday 24th – Friday 28th October
Last day of autumn term Friday 16th December
First day of spring termWednesday 4th January 2023
Half termMonday 13th – Friday 17th February
Last day of spring termFriday 31st March
First day of summer termMonday 17th April
Half termMonday 29th May – Friday 2nd June
Last day of summer termFriday 21st July