Year 1 learned about Guyana-born British artist Frank Bowling and his fascinating process for creating textured abstract paintings.

He often pours, drips, and sprays his paints onto his canvas. Bowling also enjoys using mixed media and printed geometric shapes. Year 1 took two sessions across two weeks to create their Frank Bowling-inspired art pieces.

Session 1:

Year 1 started out by painting a base layer onto our boards. Using only the primary colours as well as white, Year 1 then poured, dripped and splashed paint onto the boards. They held the boards up to allow for the paint to mingle and mix. Then Year 1 took shapes and stamped them onto the still wet paint.

Session 2:

After the boards dried, Year 1 returned to their pieces and then began adding mixed media to their boards. We mainly used differently textured glitter and fake money for this. Year 1 had to decide where to add money and carefully scrunch, rip and place it on their boards. Then, Year 1 painted glue onto specific areas of their choosing, where glitter was then added.